Let's just see where the road takes us.

Why I Think Travelers Should Get Lost

It’s confession time. I get lost when I travel. A lot. Everyone tends to assume I have a great sense of direction, or at the … Continue Reading →

My Travels from A to Z

I love travel memes so when Gray Cargill of Solo Friendly tagged me for an alphabet-based retelling of my past travels, I couldn’t resist! I … Continue Reading →

Follow Your Heart, That’s What I Always Do

Guess what? Today is my 30th birthday! WHOA! Where did the time go? I’ve been thinking recently about life, and my life in particular, what … Continue Reading →

Bad Tourist!

This is a personal gripe of mine regarding tourists. I understand that many people love to take photographs to commemorate and remember their travels. Hey, … Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Feel Homesick

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. There’s something thrilling and exciting about finding myself lost in a foreign country, trying to make my … Continue Reading →

Stop the Eat, Pray, Love Comparisons, PLEASE!

In no way do I have a thing out for Liz Gilbert. I think it’s fantastic that she did all the things she did in … Continue Reading →

Fortune and Doom

The other day I decided to go with my mother and her sisters to get our palms read. I don’t really give fortune telling much … Continue Reading →