Where To Stay In Tbilisi: BoomBully Hostel

For travelers to the country of Georgia, the most important factor for deciding which hotel or hostel to stay in inTbilisi will be the location. Obviously the proximity to sights is a major consideration, but more specifically, travelers will want to be close to the various transportation hubs to allow for easy travel to other regions of Georgia outside of Tbilisi as they will soon discover that most ground transportation throughout the country is routed through Tbilisi. For backpackers and other travelers deciding where to stay in Tbilisi that’s centrally located and who also want a fun atmosphere, BoomBully Hostel can’t be beat.

BoomBully Hostel, located in central Tbilisi.

BoomBully Hostel, located in central Tbilisi.

Located within an old, historic building on the busy and main thoroughfare of Shota Rustevali, BoomBully is within walking distance to Liberty Square, the National Museum, and the Old Tbilisi district, and there are plenty of restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes right at your doorstep. For those traveling further afield, BoomBully’s convenient location has a number of city buses at its front door and the Metro station is less than ten minutes by foot.

The comfy, vintage-styled living room at BoomBully.

The inviting, vintage-styled living room at BoomBully.

One of the best things about staying at a hostel is the camaraderie and friendships that travelers make with one another. A stay at BoomBully is no different and it was my experience that the friendly owners and staff go out of their way to connect the travelers with one another. It’s not uncommon to return to the hostel after a day of exploring to find a small group of international friends lounging in the comfortable living room together or enjoying the cool night air out on the balcony overlooking the busy streets of Tbilisi below. And don’t worry, for a hostel situated next to such a busy street, it was surprisingly quiet at night and full of bright, natural light in the mornings to help get you out of bed.

The dorm room at BoomBully Hostel.

The dorm room at BoomBully Hostel.

Offering one large eight-bed co-ed dorm room, two private rooms, two bathrooms, and a full self-serve kitchen, BoomBully has an open and communal feel. While there is a lot of traffic between the two bathrooms, it never feels crowded and everything is extremely clean and well-maintained.

I only have two points of contention with BoomBully Hostel: the beds and pillows were too soft for my weary back (I prefer both more on the firmer side) and they could have more resources, such as city maps or a calendar of events for travelers. To be fair, the BoomBully staff had a wealth of knowledge regarding the city and travel throughout Georgia, and were readily available to make recommendations or help look up the necessary information.

Overall, for those deciding where to stay in Tbilisi, BoomBully has a great, friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for travelers at a price that can’t be beat. The best feature of BoomBully, besides the sociable staff, is its location in one of the best spots in all of Tbilisi.

*My stay was sponsored by BoomBully Hostel, but all opinions are an accurate and honest view on my experience there.

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