Sri Lankan food: Kothu Rotti

Are you traveling in Sri Lanka and in the mood for something other than curry or banana pancakes for breakfast? Here’s one Sri Lankan food you should try: kothu rotti. Originating from the town of Batticaloa in the East Coast of Sri Lanka, kothu rotti is a delicious and filling breakfast or lunch option that can be found almost anywhere in the country.

Sri Lankan food: kothu rotti

A heaping plate of delicious kothu rotti.

Made with a special type of Godamba rotti, this Sri Lankan dish is typically mixed with fresh vegetables, spices, and egg, making it an ideal vegetarian meal. If you’re vegan, forego the egg. Can’t get enough meat? Add some chicken into the mix. Kothu rotti is extremely customizable and so delicious, everyone can be off to a great start in the morning with a heaping plateful.

Preparing kothu rotti.

Preparing kothu rotti.

While the ingredients may not sound all that unique, it’s the method in which this Sri Lankan food is prepared that will grab your attention. Listen for the sound of metal blades slapping against the metal plate used specifically in the preparation of kothu rotti. Like the ringing of a dinner bell, once you hear the clapping metal, it will be hard to resist ordering up a fresh plate.


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