What’s New With Me? A Whole Lot! (An Explanation For Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Recently)

Whew! I must say, the two months since I returned to the US from full-time traveling has been insane! I do apologize for not keeping up with my blog, but let me explain what’s been going on and hopefully you’ll forgive my delinquency.

How o pack your life into two suitcases?

How to pack your life into two suitcases?

First off, I arrived back to my parents’ house in California in May for a weeklong visit and preparations for my cross country move. During the four years that I had been abroad, my mother took it upon herself to abscond my things from my old bedroom and hide it in various places around the house (her version of “safekeeping”). Let me just tell you, chaos and frustration is what ensued for me that week. Add psychotic jet lag on top of it, and well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

My awesome Lower East Side apartment

Moving back to my Lower East Side apartment

A week later, I returned to New York City. With just two checked luggages (I honestly wasn’t able to 1. find any of my other things at my parents’ house and 2. physically carry any more weight), I “moved back” to the city where I always felt my heart was. It was thrilling and exciting to be back, but also extremely exhausting. Even after a month of being back in my apartment, I’m still not finished “settling in,” though I am happy to announce that just this past weekend I managed to get my kitchen shelves and bedroom curtains installed. One step at a time…

Back to corporate.

Back to “reality,” back to work.

A mere two days after I flew into JFK, I started working full time at my former office. Yes! I went back to corporate! Luckily, the role is just a temporary one (four months) to help me earn some money and buy me some time to weigh my options and get some things that I have planned in motion, but that part’s still a bit of a secret so I can’t say anymore than that…

Of course, as you can imagine, those three things by themselves are rather overwhelming and reverse-culture shocking, which I’ve already discussed in previous post. But then again, I think I’m slightly borderline masochistic so I didn’t just stop there and give myself time to adjust.

Poolside office in Lombok, Indonesia

Poolside office in Lombok, Indonesia

So although I’m currently trying to settle into a relatively new apartment, acclimate to being in one place for longer than say, oh, ten days at a time, AND working a full-time office job (oh how I miss my former “office spaces”), I’m also still working my freelance jobs. And that’s also while I try to get started on the project I briefly mentioned above.

Oh, and my hard drive crashed before I had a chance to back up the last year’s worth of files so that means ALL my photos, videos, and work from September 2012 to May 2013 are lost. There is a slight possibility that I can have the data recovered for a mere $975 USD (HOLY FRACK!) so obviously, I’m waiting for a miracle to happen until I finally get desperate enough for all my photos to pay an arm and a leg for the exorbitant fee.

Sprained ankle

Sprained ankle

And speaking of leg, last week I was “doored,” that’s when a driver swings their car door open into a bike lane without looking for bikers first, and severely sprained my ankle. OUCH! doesn’t even begin to convey how painful that experience was.

So again, I am truly sorry that I haven’t had time to blog more. I do have so much from my travels and experiences that I want to share with you, but without my hard drive, I don’t have any photos to accompany my posts which would (in my opinion) make it boring and near impossible to truly convey the awesomeness that were those experiences.

Plus, I need sleep at some point too.

Forgive me for not blogging more?


  • JJ.Acuna says:

    My hard drive got busted in HK. All the information was saved and hard drive was fixed in 2 days for 150HKD. All your data is not lost. It’s still there. You’re just in the wrong city.

    • Connvoyage says:

      That’s great news for you! I was actually talking to some one the other week about how it would probably cost me less to fly back to HK with my hard drive than to get it done here. I’ll see if I can find anyone making a trip soon. Thanks JJ!

  • John Evans says:

    Hope the worst is over, and you’re back on the road soon.

    • Connvoyage says:

      Well, to be honest, where my life is at right now isn’t “the worst.” I’m actually quite happy and of course, there is an adjustment period in such a drastic lifestyle change, but anyway. Travel will always be a part of me and my life. Thanks!

  • Jonny Blair says:

    Wow! What a great unusual story. You have been travelling for 4 years and have now returned to where you began? I bet you have a world of experience from those 4 years that you wouldn’t have had by staying in one place. I’m 10 years nomadic now with no plans to return to my previous life in a local shop and butchery which I left behind! Enjoy your new lifestyle and nice to read your site. Jonny
    Jonny Blair recently posted…Working Wednesdays: 5,000 You Tube Videos From My TravelsMy Profile

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