Sleep No More: An Incredible Way to Spend a Night in New York City

When I stepped through the dark entrance hall of the once abandoned yet gloriously derelict McKittrick Hotel in New York City, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had a suspicion my night was going to be filled with awe, discovery, suspense, intrigue, and perhaps even doom, but what I experienced at Sleep No More surpassed any and all expectations.

Sleep No More NYC

Having a bloody fun time at New York City’s Sleep No More.

Donning a super creepy mask along with my fellow attendees, we silently wandered and stumbled ghostlike through the old hotel’s array of dimly-lit rooms while actors pantomimed a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare. Encouraged to leave our friends behind and experience Sleep No More individually, I bravely ventured ahead, groping my way in darkness at times and chasing characters from one scene to the next down long corridors, up staircases, and into yet another delightfully macabre scene. If a crowd gathered, I chose to hang back deeper into the shadows, peering into dresser drawers and reading personal letters and diaries of the McKittrick’s ill-fated guests. There was a thick feeling of illicitness while I did these things, and yes, it was absolutely thrilling!

Sleep No More NYC

Attendees peer over an actor’s shoulder during a performance of Sleep No More. Press photo courtesy of O&M Co.

The entire night was like the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories I remember reading as a child. If I chanced upon a scene, I could choose to stay and observe the events as they unfolded or continue picking my way into the next shadowy room for whatever else was in store for me. Each choice could lead me to further intrigue or perhaps even some horrific end, but that’s what made it so adventurous and exciting. Protected by my mask, and emboldened by my anonymity, I was no longer the Connie that’s afraid of things that go bump in the night; I was invisible, I was fearless, I was daring! I chose to move toward the darkness.

Sleep No More, NYC

A scene from Sleep No More. Press photo courtesy of O&M Co.

Because the action takes place simultaneously throughout the entire hotel and participants are allowed to roam freely, no two people will have the same experience. Once all the guests reconvened in the Manderley Bar at the end of the performance, groups instantly gathered to discuss and dissect their night of observances. The atmosphere was electric as people excitedly tried to piece the puzzle together.

The end result is an immensely enjoyable yet chilling performance that fully absorbs participants into the very walls of the McKittrick Hotel. It leaves a haunting impression and there’s truly nothing else like it. Sleep No More is a must for anyone in New York City! And to be honest, once is NOT enough. Tickets are in high demand and many nights are already sold out so book them early. For additional information and to purchase your tickets, visit Sleep No More.

Insider tip: Book your ticket for as early an entrance time as possible to maximize your time exploring the McKittrick! Trust me, you’ll want all the time you can get in there!

*Disclaimer: My night was sponsored by the company, but all opinions are an accurate and honest view of my personal experience.

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