#TTOT Round-Up: Summer Festivals

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Summer Festivals!” 

Q1 via AngelinaFoster: What is your top tip for surviving a festival?

  • gAdventures: Water. Lots of it
  • biggsy321: A toilet roll and some Imodium! There’s nothing like “peace of mind”
  • MalloryOnTravel: Leave your wallet and valuables in the safe, carry minimal cash in your shoe
  • WSouldier: Eat small, light meals throughout the day so you don’t feel like you’re carrying a rock in your stomach the whole day
  • scrapbookoflife: Wet wipes
  • Roadtrippers: LOTS of Ibuprofen and Wellington boots in case of bathroom floods
  • itravel81: Carry a small empty bag, for your clothes… just in case
  • traveldudes: Plan a holiday to recover afterwards

Q2 via luxurytravelmel: What is “must-pack” for going to a summer festival?

  • kookabar: Bring cash. It sucks when you realize you can’t purchase anything with your cards
  • trevormorrow: Camera, reusable water bottle, snacks
  • jouljet: Sunscreen! Saves you for the next day, and for your life of travel
  • OneDayInACity: Sunglasses
  • FunJoel: Lollipops. They are inexpensive and can make SO MANY people happy when you hand them out for free 
  • inga_ros: A friend who will bail you out of jail
  • lethers: Sunscreen, comfortable clothes and even more important comfortable footwear, lightweight rain gear 
  • wanderlustng: Water, but you can always barter for that. So fresh underwear. You don’t want to barter for that
  • MidlifeRoadTrip: Sunscreen, a hat and DEODORANT 

Q3 via traveldudes: Best Summer Festival to travel to ever would be _____!

  • OpenAfricaOrg: Burning Man in Nevada. Or AfrikaBurn would do too 
  • Nanoz84: I would like to go to Tomatina is Spain and Oktoberfest in Germany
  • thetravolutionCroatia Music Garden Festival is on my list
  • WSouldier: I’ve always wanted to go to Soundwave in Australia
  • jordan_select: Jerash Festival in Jordan. Largest Roman city outside Rome with music, dance, performances by artists from Jordan, Arab region and beyond
  • senyoritamyx: Will film festivals count? I would like to attend the Cannes Film Festival
  • MinaMahrous: Never been but the Up Helly Aa festival in Shetland Scotland sounds GREAT 
  • NickyArthurPR: Rocking the Daisies. As the name suggests… It rocks
  • FourSeasons: Portugal’s Festas de Lisboa: lively streets filled with dancing, music, food and wine 
  • Airbnb: Love Amsterdam’s Uitmarkt summer festival filled with every type of live performance
  • UnnaWildt: Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen for sure 
  • DaveMcGlashan: Glastonbury is the correct answer 
  • ilivetotravel: Fete de la Musique in Paris is fun 
  • MexChar: La Guelaguetza in Oaxaca, Mexico 
  • BradfordKeen: Benicassim and Flamjangled Tea Party. Both wild but in completely different ways
  • Thoopanella: Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay, Australia! Always a good line up, and best atmosphere 
  • LloydsTravel: Still have yet to go to Coachella…. A must next summer 
  • SwannySA: Midsommar, in Sweden… Think: pole dancing, pagans, vodka shots, and seafood. What’s not to love about that? 

Q4 via hobonora: Show us your best festival picture!

L_e_a_h: A4: It’s in Brazil’s summer, so I’d say Carnival

jordan_select: A4. Jerash Festival in Jordan

itravel81: Lamere festival, Almere, 2011
thetravolution: Festa Major in Sitges, Spain

Q5 via BeyondBlighty: If you had the power/money, what summer festival would you set up and where?

  • kitwhelan: A space travel festival! Astronaut ice cream for everyone
  • RunawayJuno: I want to set up an overnight stargazing festival in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
  • foodieintl: The Foodie International festival, on a Boeing 777 for a TRUE moveable feast 
  • hjortur: The Melting Man festival on a floating iceberg in Antarctica. Music stops when the ice vanishes
  • jouljet: Week long festival to follow summer across the globe, cover both hemispheres, with music/great bands, beer/wine, on beaches
  • Thoopanella: Indie festival on boats in the Mediterranean – you can jump onto a different boat for a new band, all food and booze included
  • FloraBaker: A combination of the greatest festivals in a perfect climate: think Air-glasto-chella-Man on a beach somewhere 
  • detourdumonde: I’d set up a NASA festival, without gravity, flying bands and pogos

And there you have it, “Summer Festivals!”  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the “Summer Festivals” discussion? 

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