#TTOT Round-Up: Mountains

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Mountains!” 

Q1 via Imnothome1 What do you think it is about the mountains that attracts travellers? 

  • BackpackerBecki: The challenge of attempting to dominate a feat of human nature 
  • dealchecker: The serene calmness of seclusion
  • reidtravels: Escaping all those who aren’t adventurous enough to go up 
  • As_You_LikeIt: The massive amount of biscuits, chocolate, and sandwiches you can eat at the top and not feel guilty
  • BenjiBeard84: Crisp pollution free fresh fresh air. The views aren’t bad either  
  • melbtravel: It is a great feeling once you reach the top and knowing that you have achieved something 
  • WeekendInParis: My travel to the mountains is about taking in their majesty, fresh air and pristine landscape  
  • FathomWaytoGo: Close to mountains = closer to heavens = closer to being able to fly. We’re all little kids who want to be superheroes 

Q2 via hobonora Most interesting mountain town you have visited and why?

  • StayAdventurous: Bansko, Bulgaria. Cows on the street blocking traffic and so little English
  • beasharif: Loved Cusco, Peru, near Machu Picchu in the Andes. Great vibe with people from all over world
  • TravelBrews: Whistler is a great mountain town. The city lives and breathes mountain life
  • HelenaKBC: Meteora, Greece although more monasteries than town – incredible and spiritual
  • Thedelhiway: Kasauli, quaint hill station in Himachal Pradesh in India. Quiet green and can smell the pine trees, awesome treks and friendly people
  • xXFlutterbyXx: I loved Sapa, Vietnam – trekking with the local villagers was fantastic
  • pixodentist: Positano On the Amalfi coast. Turquoise Sea, colourful houses, mountains and sky all together
  • luxurytravelmel: Merdia in Venezuela… quite mystic, with clouds hanging around the peak, and a pretty impressive furnicular 

Q3 via premium_europe What 3 things need to go in the backpack when you go for a mountain trip?

  • TendToTravel: Energy bar, GPS, and water
  • gogirlonlineA pocket knife, a quality water bottle, and my travel journal in a plastic bag
  • lowcostholidays: Plasters, suncream and plenty of snacks 
  • RunawayJuno: Pocket knife, rain coat, camera  
  • seekandhide_in: Sunscreen, warm clothes and sturdy shoes, add a sense of adventure on top
  • mydestination: Peanut butter (energy), water (hydration) and layers of thermals that can be whipped on and off 
  • Travelbite: Camelbak (best invention ever when hiking!), camera and GOOD WALKING BOOTS
  • ToursDeMornay: My kettle for rooibos tea, my freeze dry food and warm comfortable sleeping bag 

Q4 via loco2 What’s the most underrated mountain in the world?

  • MiraCristine: The Transylvania mountains in Romania
  • easyjetholidays: Monchique mountains in the Algarve aren’t well known, but they’re beautiful, especially Foia
  • StudyReviews: Le Shan in Sichuan is pretty awesome 
  • lizcleere: The snow-capped Taurus mountains over Fethiye in winter. Simply stunning
  • marksmayo: Diamond Head on Oahu. How often do you get to go through a tunnel inside a volcano, then walk up the crater? 
  • Boz23: Mt Erebus in Antarctica is pretty interesting – an active volcano in the Antarctic 
  • premium_europe: Zugspitze..although highest in Germany, it goes unnoticed next to Switzerland and Austria’s 3000 and 4000 high peaks 

Q5 via economycarhire What mountain ranges are on your bucket list?

  • FibiTee: I wish the Karokorum wasn’t so dangerous, looks so wild and beautiful
  • cgywayfarer: The Himalayas, and the East African mountains 
  • ailsapm: Anything in Patagonia looks crazy cool 
  • LeeAbbamonte: The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan 
  • walkflypinoy: Mount Bromo and surrounding volcanoes in Indonesia. That landscape is spectacular 
  • travel_version: The Rockies, the Andes, the Alps, and why not, Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • IndieEscape: I want to do the Bontoc Citruit, Philippines
  • ooharradventure: Misiones Mountains in Argentina or the Pyrenees with sangria in my backpack
  • giuliaccia: Since I saw Mount Fuji for the first time, I promised myself one day I will climb it. I have a picture on my wall as a reminder 
  • Emma_Sparks: I’m reaching Everest basecamp at some point in my life. For sure 

And there you have it, “Mountains!”  

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