#TTOT Round-Up: Travel Myths

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Travel Myths!” 

Q1 via Tours_By_Local: What is most widely believed (and incorrect!) travel myth?

  • walkflypinoy: That traveling will have you check off items in your bucket list. It doesn’t! The bucket list only grows longer
  • hjortur: That you have to stop traveling when you have kids. Sooo wrong
  • GoSeeWrite: That you can actually fully understand a foreign culture by living there a few months
  • Emma_Sparks: That female solo travel is a bad idea. Sick of arguing against that one
  • ae_carhire: Dress smart and ask nice and you will get a free airplane upgrade! Has that ever happened to anyone?
  • radioceleste: Everywhere that’s not your home is extremely dangerous & will give you diarrhea
  • Inga_Ros: Traveling is only for the rich! – WRONG. Travel makes you rich. Just a different kind of it
  • katyabroad: That everyone speaks English, or if they don’t, then it’s not a place worth visiting
  • traineecloggie: That you need to wait for the right time to travel 
  • JauntingKerrs: That merely using a measly 1% reward credit card is getting you the best travel points
  • pointstravel: That you might come back from Mexico with only one kidney
  • ailsapm: That it’s a small world. Anyone who believes that hasn’t tried to see it all

Q2 via MollyTaylor: What “Travel Myths” have been proven right, or wrong by your travels?

  • spanishsabores: True- Wanderlust is an incurable disease and can get worse over time
  • MyDestination: That language barriers mean you have to act like an arm flapping shouty idiot when you really don’t
  • BackpackerBecki: Myth proven wrong – Don’t eat street food. If it’s piping hot and cooked in front of you, go for it. It can be delicious
  • solangefrancois: I’ve never understood the ‘French people are rude’ stereotype. I’ve only ever encountered the most wonderful people in France
  • trevormorrow: That old people can’t travel. I went white water rafting with a 78 year old couple in Nepal. They inspired me tremendously
  • michaelturtle: It’s not you versus the world. Most people are going to go out of their way to help you
  • AlexBerger: That the world hates American travelers, especially in Europe – proved VERY false

Q3 via ae_carhire: If you could invent a travel myth to attract people to your fave place what would it be?

  • World_Out_There: Public transport in London is like clockwork, never crowded and smells of lavender
  • journeytom: That the fossils of the Jurassic coast come to life at night
  • CezKrol: You can get a “citizen of the world” passport only in Gdynia, Poland
  • earthXplorer: In Antarctica, the snow tastes like whip cream
  • ailsapm: Free leprechaun with every pint of Guinness in Dublin
  • lindsaymc: No McDonald’s in Ghana (not true but it kinda makes you wanna go there, huh?)
  • nomadico: Why attract them? “The mountains of Corsica are home to the dread black rock-dragons, who are known to eat hikers alive.”

    Q4 via BeyondBlighty: What’s the weirdest travel myth you’ve heard?

    • MyDestination: That it’s perfectly okay to act like a nitwit because you’re on holiday and you’ll never see these people again
    • HostelBookers: That you can’t move in Australia without coming in contact with a deadly spider
    • MalloryOnTravel: That ALL unusual food tastes like chicken
    • TheAlexLop: That I’d be constantly offered a dowry for my wife in Egypt. It was NOT a myth
    • halfofjess: That you’ll catch malaria EVERYWHERE
    • MinaMahrous: If you buy something in Africa, they’ll know u have money and get you later and even take back their goods
    • landlopers: That British food is bad and that the French are rude – NEITHER is true

    Q5 via boomeranghotels: What Travel Myths do you actually wish were true?

    • lakshmisharath: That travel writers have a cool job and they make helluva lot of money
    • GoSeeWrite: Every cabbie is a nice person and isn’t trying to rip you off in ANY country
    • LateralMovement: I like to believe that Nessie is real and can be summoned if one tries hard enough
    • beatthebrochure: That you can live in a hobbit house in New Zealand
    • ElvinEditorial: That flying low cost is convenient, enjoyable and actually much cheaper
    • katyabroad: That every hotel was exactly as sumptuous, convenient and welcoming as it appears on its website
    • mariaheffernan: That Ryanair flights will actually take you remotely close to the city you think you’re going to land in
    • CumbrianRambler: I wish the myth that booze helps my fear of flying were true. I also wish more Italian men had pinched my bum

      And there you have it, “Travel Myths!”    

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