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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via Vicki_Forde: What is your favorite travel memory that is linked with a song?

  • robp1980: For me, it’s Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It reminds me of my honeymoon
  • flytc: Seeing Tarkan (Turkish pop star) live in Skopje, Macedonia in 2007
  • christinahegele: Van Halen’s “Jump!” when doing the Kawarau Bridge Bungy for the first time
  • FarWriter: On government press trip in Romania in ’86 during dictator Ceaușescu regime & listening on WalkMan to “I’ll Be Watching You” by the Police
  • MzansiGirl: It would have to be Shakira’s Waka Waka and K’naan’s Waving Flag, played everywhere in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup 
  • GFexplorers: Here comes the sun” by The Beatles as I touched down in Thailand 
  • foodieintl: This is so cheesy but I remember listening to Toto’s “Africa” on my walkman in Kenya back in the 80s and just loving it. I was 9
  • 2travelaholics: I always sing Leaving On A Jet Plane when a big trip is coming up. That song reminds me of all of them
  • fodorstravel: Listening to Weezer’s blue album with my Dad and sister on repeat during our yearly road trip from Missouri to Michigan

Q2 via crashpadder: If you could organize a world-wide concert for the ‘citizens of the world’, what 3 bands would you choose?

  • connvoyage: Iceland’s Sigur Ros, Algeria’s Cheb i Sabbah and India’s Ravi Shankar
  • Siyabona_Africa: Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and U2
  • adventurouskate: Backstreet Boys, Take That, Tom Jones. The world will be united in panty-throwing
  • crashpadder: Mumford and Sons, Devendra Banhart and Bon Iver
  • Reserve123: The Beatles, Miniature Tigers, and Devotchka – Just weird and obscure enough
  • traveldudes: Bueno Vista Social Club, Cat Empire & Playing For Change

 Q3 via Tom_Travels: What & where was the best local music you saw live?

  • AlexPlim: I’d say seeing the locals of Rio drumming on used paint buckets in the city’s favellas 
  • TravelProducer: In Venice, Italy – stumbled upon a string ensemble performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in full Baroque costumes. I was a music major
  • lifesgreatadv: We heard a brilliant local band in Pokhara, Nepal, playing rock in a pub.  They were amazing! 
  • InterConChicago: Smashing Pumpkins’ last show at the Metro. Couldn’t believe Billy Corgan cried
  • tripku: Flamenco show in honor of Spanish writer Garcia Lorca in gardens of Alhambra, Granada. Magical full moon summer night
  • Tom_Travels: The best local music I saw live has GOT to be the African drumming at an impromptu full moon party on the beach in Zanzibar!
  • Pyromantha: Fete de la Musique Festival in Paris (Summer Solstice) Fabulous Street bands all over the city 

Q4 via 25travels: Most memorable karaoke moment (oh, I know you have ONE)?

  • TotalTravelBug: I once had to sit through a 7 hr bus ride in Vietnam while all the locals sang Karaoke. For 7 whole hours
  • whereisyvette: Doing actual karaoke IN JAPAN! We still had time so my friend and I started in on Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys numbers
  • SEA_Backpacker: Getting invited randomly to a Cambodian wedding & watching all the guests sing 1 after another. This’d take 10 pints in England! 
  • hjortur: Our Chinese guide singing Edelweiss in the karaoke system on the bus in Xi’an, China. Absolut winner 
  • gapadventures: Karaoke in front of 200 people at a piano bar in Vegas on my bday stands out as really special 
  • gracenote: Once, I sang “Oops, I Did It Again” and did part of the Britney choreography while singing

Q5 via mobilelawyer If you could travel back in time and see one concert, which one would it be?

  • melissashales: Definitely Queen at LiveAid. I remember switching on the TV in the morning intending to watch a few minutes. I was glued all day
  • MikeCjourno: Jimmy Hendrix at the Isle of Wright – would have been epic
  • now__voyager: Billie Holiday, in some small jazz joint…
  • 25travels: 1969 in London for the last The Beatles performance together 
  • krugerparkcom: Dylan and Van Morrison live in front of the Acropolis in ’84
  • TravelingEditor: Frank Sinatra in full glory at Sands Hotel & Casino, LV, 1966
  • mygo2it: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean performance at Motown 25 when he first did the Moonwalk
  • OverYonderlust: New York, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I think I would die if I saw them live

And there you have it, “Music & Travel”!   

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Music & Travel discussion? 

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