#TTOT Roundup: Capital Cities

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via EmmaHiggins88: Which capital city has the best sights to see in the space of 24 hours?

  • velvetescape: Amsterdam! Easy to walk around, explore the city & visit major sights in 24hrs
  • reidontravel: Hanoi, Vietnam: favorite Asian city. Walkable center, magic turtle, street beer
  • thetravproject: Singapore rocks in 24 hours, a great stop over 
  • 2girls1journey: Wellington! Considered as one of the best little capital in the world!
  • RickGriffin: Las Vegas because everything is open 24/7
  • sushibananas: Tokyo is a very cool place to be. And it is a 24 hour city in addition to being a capital! 
  • peggitee: Copenhagen. It’s buzzing with activities from dusk till dawn
Picturesque Copenhagen

Q2 via christinahegele: Which city that isn’t a capital city should receive capital status and why?

  • RunawayBrit: Hong Kong, so much more vibrant and cosmopolitan than Beijing
  • p0psicle: Sydney because Canberra is a total let down; like a real life version of ‘The Truman Show’ 
  • hjortur: Rio de Janeiro, instead of Brasilia
  • triptrotting: LOS ANGELES! Best beaches, best entertainment, chill people, mountains to snowboard, SUN 365 days
  • driftingkiwi: Sydney and Melbourne were both smart enough to not want the politicians in their city!
  • melissashales: Istanbul. It was a capital for nearly 2,000 years and 3 of the world’s greatest empires. It’s just wrong it’s been downgraded
Istanbul, not Constantinople!

 Q3 via SeeKerala: Which capital city should be called capital of the world ?

  • mariajessica: I could go for Bhutan where the gov’t is more concerned with Gross National Happiness
  • ae_carhire: Geneva would make for a nice world capital. Lots of chocolate at hand
  • clareappleyard: I believe the USA considers itself the Capital of the World
  • LloydsTravel: Djibouti, Djibouti! Just because the name is awesome
  • redhunttravel: I think Istanbul would be a good choice for Capital of the world. Spans two continents cosmoplitan, good choice
  • packDsuitcase:Maybe Rome, just to throw back to the times when it actually was the capital of the world?
  • MalloryOnTravel: Funny that the Brits think London and the Americans are going for NYC strange that huh?
NYC gets my vote!

Q4 via fittravelgirl: Practicalities aside, put together great meal made from dishes from 3 different capital cities

  • foodieintl: Amatriciana from Rome, ceviche from Lima, cheese course from Paris
  • GFexplorers: Chicken Satay (Bangkok) Paella (Madrid) Gelato- of course! (Rome) – I actually changed my answer 4 times here  
  • christinahegele: Gyoza (Tokyo), gulash (Budapest), hokey pokey ice cream (wellington)
  • eurotriptips: But I couldn’t live without my junk. American hotdog, Brit fish&chips main and a famous French Can. sugar pie
  • logandsmith: Steak from Argentina, Chips from England & Vodka from Poland
  • Inga_Ros: Beijing dumplings, Washington Prime Rib and Paris Creme Brulee
  • cougjosh: Massamann Curry, Greek Salad, Guinness. Now there’s a whole mashup of flavor right there!
  • touregyptnet: Koshary from Cairo, fattah from Beirut, sweets from Istanbul!
Egyptian koshary, yum!

Q5 via LolaDiMarco: If u could only visit 5 capital cities in lifetime what would they be? repeats vs. 5 diff ones?

  • somby: Santiago de Chile, Havana, Seoul, Tokyo (revisit) Cape Town (revisit), Belgrade (revisit)
  • BryanCSnider: Berlin, Bern, Cairo, Moscow and Vienna
  • 25travels: Buenos Aires, Brussels (return), Baghdad, Beijing, Tokyo
  • ehalvey Paris, Athens, Cairo, Rome, Ankara. I heart me some art history 
  • jeremybelcher: Wish List: Moscow, Seoul, Talinn, Istanbul, Lagos
  • 501places: Papeete, Yaren district, Jamestown, Longyearbyen, N’djamena
  • TendToTravel: Tokyo, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Moscow and Kabul. Very mystical places I think

And there you have it, “Capital Cities”!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Capital Cities travel discussion? 

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