#TTOT Roundup: Beach Travel

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT:  

Q1 via christinahegele: Where’s the world’s best beach? Why that one?

  • freakytravel: Binalong Bay/Bay of Fires! Un-freaking-believable
  • travelettes: The beach at ko pha ngan in thailand. i love beach parties and there they have the best ones
  • OysterWorldwide: One of our fave beaches is in Zanzibar. It’s just so peaceful and relaxing
  • kymri: Every beach, every inch of every coastline, is the world’s best beach. Don’t take any for granted
  • Inga_Ros: Would love to visit the Maldives someday. Have seen gorgeous beach photos from there
  • Xplore724: The Bahamas are really beautiful too if you like lovely white sand beachs and turquoise waters

Q2 via loco2: What is your ultimate beach accessory? Why?

  • insidetravellab: Sunscreen. Pale skin. Lobster only looks good on a plate
  • LiveShareTravel: Someone to rub suncream on your back
  • elleswim: Anything fruity and laced with liquor
  • toniwonitravels: My camera…can’t stare at photos of the exotic beaches I’ve been to whilst at work without it
  • ContikiLauren: I’d LOVE a personal cabana boy if we’re being honest
  • RunawayJuno: That’s gotta be salong. Convenient for almost everything on the beach!! One of the best purchase on the road
  • Travsuperlative: Bucket and spade! 

Q3 via mobilelawyer: Give us your best beach photo — make us jealous!

The Cassis Calanques, France by bpmojo
Boracay, The Philippines by Himalfootsteps
Table Top, Cape Town, South Africa by hostelworld
Sunset at Koh Phangan, Thailand by ivple
Fernando Noronha, Brazil by 1step2theleft
Goa, India by connvoyage

Q4 via NickHealy: Most over-hyped beach you’ve ever visited? Why?

  • AllyToullec: Pattaya. And the islands around. Disguting beaches with fat Russians and English middle aged men. Found a condom in the see as well
  • GFexplorers: Bondi? Am I allowed to say that? Its just a normal beach, right? Do you have to be a surfer to truly appreciate it?!
  • directflights1: Waikiki Beach, Honolulu is up there too. Really skinny bit of (imported) sand with big high rise hotels along it
  • packDsuitcase: Mykonos… go to Santorini instead
  • JauntingKerrs: Secret Kalalau Beach on #NaPali coastline hike. Totally not worth the long trek when best view is before you started
  • theridingdutch: Kuta Beach in Bali,,, no doubt about that

Q5 via myislandartjon: What are your top three favorite beaches, why?

  • farihanpadilla: So far Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Its the best place to party at night and relax during the day.The other 2 are yet to be discovered
  • Ichweisswo:  Zanzibar Paje Beach, Koutsi beach on Andros, Su Giudeu Beach, Sardinia all because of its emptiness & beauty 
  • hjortur: Three most favorite beaches? Hvesta in Iceland, Cadiz in Spain and the whole south coast of Croatia 
  • SaraKateTravel: Hard to pick but I love those near Naples, FL… islands near Phuket… & those peaceful & lovely beaches/shores of western Ireland
  • kirsten_al: Rose Island, Bahamas / Redondo Beach, Northern California / near Discovery Bay, Jamaica
  • LandLopers: HARD question, going to give destinations instead. Bahamas, Outer Banks and Hawaii

And there you have it, “Beach Travel”!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Beach Travel discussion? 

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