#TTOT Roundup: Overnight Travel

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via malloryontravel: What destination has been your best stopover during night travel?

  • Liligo_UK: Fell asleep in car Berlin-Budapest, woke up lost in Prague city centre. Most beautiful unintentional stopover
  • BlkChickOnTour: Bangkok. Got a room, an excellent foot massage, wonderful Indian Food (The Dosa House), and much needed rest
  • giuliaccia: In Alexandria, Egypt – one night waiting for the train = many new friends! 
  • eurapart Arriving in Istanbul… Going to sleep for 30 mins only to be awoken by calls to prayer
  • thealexlop: One word, three syllables: AM-STER-DAM

Q2 via hjortur: What is the most adventurous overnight travel you’ve had?

  • redheadedtravel: On a bus in Bolivia trapped between two flash flooding rivers, waiting for bulldozer to drag us thru the flood
  • journeytom: Attempted a 17hr overnight coach journey after drinking a bottle of southern comfort, the trip was not comfortable
  • emirhartato: I’ve been in a night bus where everyone weren’t sleep..They were doing karaoke! 
  • diidiiana: Driving along gorge-du-tarn in winter and got stuck in thick snow. spending the night in a cave next to frozen river 
  • chippy2u: Climbing Mt Fuji in Japan overnight to be at the top when the sun rises Awesome!
  • Roopunzel: Tents in the Israeli desert – never heard so many Hyenas before
  • mobilelawyer: Waking up at midnight (after about 10 minutes of sleep) to summit Kilimanjaro

Q3 via elleandi: Aside from earplugs and face mask what is you overnight travel must have? 

  • krisolarte: Toothbrush and neck pillow!
  • travel_edits: A warm jacket/hoody. Air-conditioning is a killer on overnight buses! 
  • andrearataj: Don’t make fun, but I always travel with a small quilt that my sister made me
  • defunct1: A bottle of water. Good for drinking, patting on face or washing under armpits 
  • sid_90: Pajamas!
  • emirhartato: Pillow and blanket
  • wanderingzito: Tylenol pm

Q4 via TravelBlggr: What’s the most unusual place you’ve stayed overnight?

  • lilmissplanet: Atop Cerro Negro in Nicagarua, sleeping in a volcanic crater watching the lunar eclipse 
  • toniwonitravels: A trapeze net. Let’s just say that me & my company had a little extra bounce that night
  • tripofourlife: A wooden plank, 5000 metres above sea level in Tibet. With 5 strangers…
  • habolang: In a small mosque in center of rain forest at Java Island, Indonesia
  • TinyTravelLady: Inside the plastic tube of a slide in a playground 
  • alexandraeh: It’s tie between a tree house in Peru and a tent on the Masai Mara in Kenya
  • agentcikay: Inside rented car!
  • radioceleste: Camping in a beach cave on Tahiti where I was awoken to a view of frolicking dolphins
  • driftingkiwi: A crappy bus in Laos cuddled up with a very large German guy

Q5 via travelbite: What is the worst overnight journey you have had to go through?

  • Ebriel: 30+ trips to the toilet during a bout with food poisoning in Yangon
  • WriterChick47: Two large people trying to sleep in the cab of a pickup truck after one of them had several bean burritos
  • TravelOpine: On a cargo boat Pacific coast of Colombia. Everyone but us vomiting
  • TravelingEditor: Coming out of my mother’s womb
  • KelseyIvey: Forced to watch Momma Mia twice (I can’t sleep on planes) b/c the guy next to me fell asleep on my remote (Cape Town to JFK) 
  • Xplore724: Working as a crew on sailing yacht, going from Newport , R.I. to Caribbean in Dec; 50 knot wind gusts, 20 foot seas, wet and cold
  • crozul: Hong Kong-NYC flight waking up 2 stranger’s old, yellowed, BARE FEET across my lap

And there you have it, “Overnight Travel”!

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Sounds like some of these answers need explanations… =) 

Have YOU got anything to add to the Overnight Travel discussion? 

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