#TTOT Round-Up: Problem Solving

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1: What would you call a “problem” when traveling? Why? How would you solve it? (submitted by traveldudes)

  • hyperren: I would say anything that derails or prevents you from following through on any “plan.” I just keep calm and ride the wave
  • ksmash: Packing too much stuff is a problem. My sol’n? Pack only what I can carry by myself for 2 hrs on rough terrain
  • CatchTheLingo: Loosing your passport! Scanned copies help though and a list with the nearest embassies for your country to apply for temporary docs
  • desireekoh13: A closed and narrow mind – open it up, embrace!!
  • toddwassel: Having to go home…
  • travel_version: I’d say pesky earthquakes, volcanoes & other natural unpleasantness
  • waegook_tom: HOSTEL JERKS. Solution? Wind them up by telling them u’ve gone one better than whatever their brag is even if it’s a blatant lie 😉

Q2: What’s the hardest problem you’ve had to solve as a traveler? (submitted by marksmayo)

  • beachtropicana: Leaving and saying goodbye. No other problems whatsoever..
  • sushibananas: Finding a decent toilet in Tibet
  • Hejorama: Missing the night train from Cairo to Luxor. Solution? Take the next one.. and stand up for 10 hours
  • TiptoeTraveller: Travelling in a country with no road signs and very basic map (Cuba)
  • Claire_IIEF: Explaining a tampon to airport security that didn’t speak English  
  • Zimo1984: Being in Damascus with no more money, not even the 200 liras to pay at the airport to leave the country!!! 
  • StefanoPedroni: Getting out of jail in BC ‘couse they thougth my Italian passport badly renewed in Mexico was fake!!!

Q3: How have you helped someone else solve a problem when you have been traveling? (submitted by Boz23)

  • onURwaytravel: “Hey do you realise that chick is actually a dude?”
  • Boz23: Found a camera in Malta,looked at the pictures and gave it back to the guy when I randomly saw him on the street
  • whereivebeen: I’ve bought them a beer!
  • myTravelingLens: Accompanied someone for pregnancy test in Greece
  • roniweiss: In Indonesia, I convinced someone she shouldn’t get married if she didn’t want to 
  • nickjayres: Multi-outlet power strip or USB chargers at an airport or conference can make you everyone’s best friend
  • makelovemakewar: Living in Prague, we always helped the tourists fine the best bars 😉 Can be a problem if you’re new in town! 

Q4: If you could travel with only three items, what would they be? Why? (submitted by OysterWorldwide)

  • swanny_adel: A sense of purpose, a sense of direction, and a sense of humour: all intangible, but all irreplaceable!
  • kerrinsheldon: 1. Camera 2. Bag 3. Motorcycle
  • Inga_Ros: Do kids count as items? Should I pick youngest 3 or oldest 3?
  • Travelbite: Rehydrations sachets, map and a good friend! 
  • tifany74: Camera, Credit Card, Passport. Those are the only essentials. I’ll get what I need when I land
  • mygo2it: Nutella, Nutella, Nutella!
  • GypsetTraveller: Credit card, Thomas Hardy novel – any and my Rayban Aviators
  • FearfulGirl: Flint. Knife. Garlic. Why? Fire, food & delicious food
  • petebouch: Passport, cash and a towel

Q5: Is there a specific travel problem that you’d do anything to avoid in the future? Why? (submitted by traveldudes)

  • MadriduserF: Being kidnapped and sold into slavery in exchange for camels
  • toddwassel: Falling in a squat toilet
  • qiranger: Traveling without my wife. She’s the best part of traveling anywhere
  • cenciaaa: Worst fear is being kidnapped or raped or getting arrested.. random acts of violence.. My life turning into ‘locked up abroad’
  • Delarosatweets1: Losing my credit card!!!! That was awful!! 
  • earthxplorer: NO Wi-Fi 
  • Mikeachim: Also, having a rolling suitcase where one wheel has ground to the metal, making a “SCCRREEEE” sound when dragged
  • insidetravellab: Looking at a map of the world & thinking that there’s nowhere else I’d like to see…
  • christinenspain: I would hate to be in a position to actually need to use travel insurance. Especially for blindness or lost limbs

And there you have it, “Problem Solving”!

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As always, a HUGE travel community thank you to our #TTOT hosts and organizers: traveldudes, roniweiss, toddwassel, traveldesigned, insidetravellab, WildJunket, tbloggersunite and mobilelawyer!

Have you got anything to add? 

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