Love Story Part 2: Wedding Bells

If you missed Part 1 of my Love Story, catch up on how Matt and I met in India before reading on!

Matt and I got married in India!


Before you start freaking out, just continue reading… I promise it’s not what you think!

As Matt and I continued to travel together, our secret crush for one another had been growing steadily. Unfortunately, we were both still under the assumption that the other wasn’t interested at all. Matt and I both continued to dance around each other, trying to send out signals to express our own interest while remaining platonic and friendly. As you can imagine, it was getting more and more difficult, as well as frustrating!

Getting closer, but staying platonic

Matt and I soon befriended an Indian man who was getting married in a couple of weeks and invited to his wedding. Although it would mean traveling back to Maharashtra, we decided that the wedding was an India experience that we couldn’t pass up!

Getting henna at the wedding

When we arrived for the five-day wedding in very traditional Ellora, everyone just started assuming we were married and constantly asking where my “husband” was and asking Matt where his “wife” was. 

Um, WHAT???

Matt and I had discovered that for a single man and a single woman to be traveling together in India was quite a topic of intrigue. Males and females just do not commonly have platonic relationships and it was getting hard trying to explain that we were just friends to every Indian we met.

Not wanting to cause a scandal, we just went with it. Thus, Matt and I became “married.”

The new “bride and groom” with the real groom

This turned out to be a good thing because after a few days of having to refer to each other as husband and wife, it paved the way for us to finally confess our feelings for each other!

“Isn’t it so funny that people think we’re a married couple?”

“Yeah, imagine it! Us, together?!”

“Well, actually…”

The happy couple

Matt and I have been inseparable since the wedding in Ellora, India. 

Stayed tuned for next week’s Love Story installment.

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