#TTOT Round-Up: Non-Tourist Travel

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1: What defines non-tourist travel? (submitted by OysterWorldwide)

  • MalloryOnTravel: The tourist seeks souvenirs, whilst the traveller seeks experiences
  • AlexPlim: Non-tourist travel is heading wherever the wind takes you, which takes guts when you’ve only got a finite amount of time
  • belleandi: Going with the flow and see what and where seems a good idea on the spur of the moment. No: packages, resort hotels, plans
  • AnthonyOFlynn: Traveling instinctively and putting down the guide books- make your own plans and immerse yourself in culture
  • travel_thoughts: Non-tourist travel is when don’t have a predetermined agenda. Doing something you didn’t hear or know about before arriving.  

Going off the beaten track in India

Q2: Describe your most shameless (or embarrassing) touristy moment. (submitted by athomeaway)

  • markosul: Switching “bottoms” with my wife so I could swim in a speedo-only pool in Brazil 
  • MyPostcardFrom: Buying plastic clip on Koalas from Sydney. We gave them away to family on our return. Too embarrassing to have around the house.
  • 25travels: Eating at McDonald 
  • WFTristan: Having to wear a cotton wool nappy after taking most of the skin off my backside whilst in France 
  • WomanSeeksWorld: A 17-night, 12 country Contiki tour when I was 20…I hang my head in shame thinking about it now
Buying “tacky” souvenirs at The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Q3: At what point in your travels do you start feeling more like a local than a tourist? (submitted by conniehum)

  • beforeiam35: When I don’t get stared at anymore!
  • TotalTravelBug: When you stop paying tourist rates for everything!
  • corduroy08: When the dogs stop biting me and start licking me
  • insidetravellab: When I can use the underground/metro/subway without looking at a map!
  • AtHomeAway: I feel like a local when I begin unconsciously swearing in a foreign language. “Merde!” Excuse my French
Navigating NYC’s subway system like a local

Q4: Best experience with locals? (submitted by trekkingnut)

  • chippy2u: A homestay in a small village with locals in Yap, Micronesia. Ate betel nut, husked coconuts, home cooked island food each day
  • carlitarocks: A samba contest in the countryside of Salto, Brazil
  • nishim3Being taken for a tour of the Amsterdam red light area by a former prostitute
  • QunoSpotter: Kissing the boys and making them cry in Le Marche, Italy
  • jetsetgisele: I lived in Mombasa for two months and everyday I would get a “Jambo” and a hug from the local fruit lady 
Eating with local Bedouins in Petra

    Q5: When have you felt most at home when traveling? (submitted by OysterWorldwide)

    • NickAtFeynan: Sitting in a Bedouin friend’s tent near Feynan, listening to his family’s stories and sipping sweet tea by a fire
    • RickGriffin: Always feel at home where ever there’s Charmin in the restroom 
    • monaibra: When staying with a Persian friend’s family in Montreal and eating authentic Persian food in my PJs! 
    • KirkShack: Finding Vegemite in a shop in Vietnam
    • verty: Of course Stockholm is my holm away from holm
    • travel_thoughts: Any time I have the time to unpack the ENTIRE contents of my bag
    • InAForeignLand: Home is where my backpack is when traveling 
    Feeling at home with my backpack

      And there you have it, “Non-Tourist Travel!”

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      Have you got anything to add? 

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      • Mica says:

        Ugh. I keep wanting to be a part of this and I still can’t figure out how to find the questions
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      • Connie says:

        @Mica It can be a bit confusing at first if you’re not used to Twitter and Tweetdeck but search the “#TTOT” hashtag and you should be able to get the hang of it! Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next #TTOT!

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