Montage Monday: Coney Island

A photo montage highlighting my favorite memories from past travels!

Laughing up the nerve to ride the Coney Island Cyclone

Hard to believe but it was after two years of living in New York City that I finally made it out to Brooklyn’s Coney Island and rode the famous Cyclone roller coaster for the first, and only, time. Constructed out of wood, the Cyclone was a bumpy and jolting ride that took us up and down at a thrilling top speed of 60 mph!  I didn’t have time to be too scared of the drop-offs as I was too busy laughing my head off the whole ride with Jordi, Joel and Neil!

Coney Island’s famous boardwalk

No visit to Coney Island is complete without a walk down the famed boardwalk and eating some of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. Friends and I enjoyed hot dogs, french fries, deep fried candy bars and all sorts of other unhealthy things. I usually feel sick after eating such things but once in awhile, it’s fun to treat yourself to a day of junk.

Human pyramid success!

We drew a lot of attention when we decided to attempt a human pyramid on the beach with our laughter and shouting.  After several tries, we finally managed to complete our human pyramid though much smaller than the one we originally hoped to achieve. Success was fleeting as we fell apart mere seconds after this photo was snapped.

Impromptu limbo line

Drawing attention to ourselves yet again, my friends and I decided to start a limbo line on the boardwalk while a salsa band played next to us. It was great fun and before long, we had a large group of spectators and even some outside participants! How low can you go? How low can you go… Poor Christoph walked away with a fractured wrist from the limbo line though! Unfortunately no one realized and continued on with the limbo and laughing…

Sunset at Coney Island

Sunset at Coney Island was absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad that I finally made it to Coney Island after two years in NYC! In hindsight, I can’t believe it took me two years to get out there and that I never went back afterwards! The day in Coney Island with my friends is one of my best summer memory from NYC and I cannot remember ever laughing so much in one day.

Have you ever been to Coney Island? What’s your favorite Coney Island memory?

© Connie Hum 2011

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