American Eagle Outfitters Has Landed in Hong Kong

Last Friday night, I had the very special opportunity to attend the launch party of the first American Eagle Outfitters’ store opening in Hong Kong.  

Store launch party in Kowloon

Arriving fashionably late, my friends and I ended up having to wait in line to get in as the party was already in full swing. No matter though, the lovely people at American Eagle Outfitters Hong Kong provided those waiting to get in with complimentary champagne!

Waiting with champagne

Once we got in, my friend and I, along with the other party-goers, were showered with free drinks, dainty appetizers and a DJ spinning funky beats amid all the new American Eagle Outfitters merchandise. Things got a bit crowded between the aisles of clothes and displays but everyone was generally in a happy, party mood.

A quiet corner at the AEO launch party

Standing among the quintessentially American style of AEO of super-casual clothing reminded me of my days growing up in California with cut offs and flip flops on the beach. I admit, I started to feel a little homesick for the golden California sun. Luckily, the colorful tank top display reminded me that summer in Hong Kong was just around the corner.

AEO’s casual style

My friends and I browsed around the store, tried on a few hats for fun, chatted with some people and enjoyed our drinks for a couple of hours before leaving the launch party. 

Does this hat look good on me?

As we left the party, the staff at American Eagle Outfitters handed us each a lovely cap (ours were all white) to commemorate our night and their store launch in Hong Kong. It was a nice parting gift and a much-needed item for the upcoming summer.

My newest summer accessory

I’m glad to know that there’s a little slice of Californian life and style that I can find here in Hong Kong! 

Shamrocks (and a bit drunk) to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day

Ever encountered something random that reminded you of home in your travels? 

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