5 Dishes Most Tourists Never Eat in Thailand

Thai cuisine is famous the world over for its spiciness and intense flavors. Many tourists and food lovers often feast on more traditional Thai fare such as pad thai, green curry and tom yum gai, but unfortunately, most usually miss out on other delicious (and sometimes hard-to-find) dishes in Thailand. Here are the top 5 dishes that you should NOT miss in Thailand!

Have you tried this rare, south Thailand delicacy?

Have you tried this rare, south Thailand delicacy?

1. Haw mok: Fish curry is stirred until it reaches a mousse-like consistency and then steamed in banana leaves. Haw mok is a rare, Southern Thailand delicacy due to its long and tedious preparation process. You will have literally hit the culinary jackpot if you manage to find it. Haw mok is simply delicious! It’s aromatic and full of flavor with lemongrass  and chili pepper, while managing to not be overbearingly fishy. As haw mok is something pre-cooked and sold on the street, you can’t specify the level of spiciness so try eating haw mok with white rice or a sweet drink should you need help to cool your taste buds.

Don't pass up that next roadside khao kao moo stall!

Don’t pass up that next roadside khao kao moo stall!

2. Khao kha moo: Stewed pork leg doesn’t necessarily sound like music to a foodie’s ears, but just wait until you taste it! Khao kha moo is Thailand’s answer to soul food. Juicy, tender pork leg over rice, flavored with the stew it was cooked in, and a side of mustard greens makes the perfect meal for those looking for something milder, but won’t lack in flavor. Luckily, khao kha moo can be found in most roadside food stalls all over Thailand.

Moo kata, a truly fun and satisfying Thai meal.

Moo kata, a truly fun and satisfying Thai meal.

3. Moo kata: Thailand’s known for its hot weather and you  would think the last thing anyone would want to do was cook their own bar-b-que over a hot clay oven just inches away from their face. Oh, how wrong you’d be! Moo kata is one of the best things to eat in Thailand and it’s a fun dining experience for all involved! First, load up on plates of food from the buffet. This can range from spiced beef to whole prawns to chicken skewers to mini hot dogs. Next, choose accompanying dishes like a wide variety of noodles, fresh vegetables, and sauces. Once the cooking surface is prepared with a piece of pork fat, start cooking your meal. Be careful not to overload your cook space; it’s easy to burn your food on the small, but hot surface if you forget to turn them over in a timely manner. A meal is never as satisfying as one that you make with your own hands, so wipe that sweat off your brow and dig in. You’ve earned this delicious meal!

This little piggy went to eat beef noodle soup and...

This little piggy went to eat beef noodle soup and…

4. Beef noodle soup: A generous helping of vermicelli noodles and plenty of accompanying vegetables in a delicious broth flavored with fish sauce, pepper, and a touch of sugar, Thailand’s beef noodle soup gives its nearby neighbor, Vietnam’s more famous version, pho, a run for its money. One bowl is plenty for a hungry traveler and Thailand’s beef noodle soup can soon become your daily food fix as it became for me!

Wonderfully rich and fragrant khao soi.

Wonderfully rich and fragrant khao soi.

5. Khao soi: Egg noodles are perfectly complimented with a spicy, coconut chicken curry soup to make your taste buds sing. Literally. The first time I ate this dish, I was absolutely blown away. The hearty curry-soup is seasoned with shallots, lime, and pickled cabbage. The chicken is amazingly tender. Khao soi practically begs you to eat more of it. Unfortunately, this dish is hard to find in Thailand except in the north (it’s practically a staple in Chiang Mai), a rather confounding discovery given Thailand’s near-obsessive love for noodles and curry.

Have YOU ever tried one of these rare Thai delicacies?

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  • Ramin the Thailand Travel Experience Designer says:

    Nice one! Especially moo kata, I really haven’t met anyone who didn’t enjoy the experience the first time :-)
    Also, I’d like to mention one of my favorite Thai foods: “Om”. Om is a dish from northeastern Thailand (Issaan), a very healthy, but at the same time satisfying soup.
    But what makes it really special is the incredible amount of fresh herbs which are partly pounded in a mortar together first, and partly just chopped up and thrown in. I’m almost hesitant to call it a soup – it’s more of a herbal stew with a meat of choice. It comes in different varieties: chicken, beef, fish, field crab or frog (yes, that too). A good om makes you feel both full and fresh. The herbs kind of lift you up, energize and relax you, while the meat provides fuel for your engine :-)

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