Sapa, Vietnam

Know Before You Go: Helpful Tips for First Time Visitors to Vietnam

This article is¬†brought to you by dealchecker.¬†The views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Connvoyage. Vietnam is becoming a very popular destination … Continue Reading →

Grilled beef with peanut sauce over vermicelli noodies and fresh veggies, YUM

A Foodie’s Dilemma

I have a dilemma. A HUGE dilemma. I want to be more of a vegetarian. I don’t like the idea that an animal has to … Continue Reading →

Photo from when I went diving in Egypt's Red Sea

Looking Ahead at 2013

Happy New Year from Vietnam! Okay, so I’m almost a week behind, but cut me some slack. I was partying on the beach in Nha … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: Halong Bay, Vietnam

A photo montage highlighting my favorite memories from past travels! I was really shocked to discover that I hadn’t posted anything from my Halong Bay … Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: Thai Binh Sapa Hotel, Sapa

Welcome to Sapa, a surprising place unlike any other in all of Vietnam. Located in the remote north-western mountain range of Vietnam, Sapa is famous … Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: Royal Palace Hotel, Hanoi

Boutique hotels, especially those in Asia, should take note. They can learn a thing or two from Royal Palace Hotel in Hanoi. Newly-opened in May … Continue Reading →

Hoi An: The Town That Tailors To You

The first thing you notice in Hoi An is the shops advertising custom made clothing. To be honest, I didn’t give much thought to getting … Continue Reading →