Heaven on earth: Temple Tree’s main pool

Paradise Found at Temple Tree, Langkawi

After my year of teaching English in Hong Kong, all I wanted was a break. I was exhausted. Officially burnt-out. I needed something to help … Continue Reading →

I’ve Quit My Job to Travel… AGAIN!

** Original post was accidentally deleted during my travels in Malaysia. This is the best reproduction of the original as I remember it.** Yes, it’s … Continue Reading →

Response to “This Darn Face of Mine!”

A powerful and though-provoking response from my friend, Neil, to my previous post, “Banana Split: This Darn Face of Mine!” regarding my difficulty in finding … Continue Reading →

Banana Split: This Darn Face of Mine!

As previously (and rather obviously) established, I’m ethnically Asian. I’m okay with my face. It’s gotten me through 30 years of my life and hey, … Continue Reading →

Drum Roll Please!

Here it is folks! The BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT! Are you ready for it?………Matt and I have each ACCEPTED a six-month English teacher position in Guiyang, … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Stranger in a Strange Land

One year living and working in Japan, that was my task. I thought to myself, I can do anything for a year, “It’s easy!” However, … Continue Reading →

Farewell Kids, Farewell Volunteering

For my last day volunteering at the GHRE Pakarang Learning Center, a farewell celebration was given to Matt and I for the time we had … Continue Reading →