Totally digging the vibrant street art scene in Detroit.

I’m Not Dead!

You might be pleasantly surprised (hopefully) to be reading this, discovering that I haven’t, in fact, met an untimely death some time in 2015 during … Continue Reading →

Camel safari, Jaisalmer

Travel Lessons: What I’ve Learned So Far

It’s hard to believe that today is my six year anniversary of leaving my office job in New York City to pursue my love of travel. I can honestly … Continue Reading →

Solo dining at its best - no need to share!

Don’t Feel Sorry For Solo Travelers

There I am. I’m the girl eating by herself in that restaurant you went to with your significant other or your group of friends. Pity for … Continue Reading →

Let's just see where the road takes us.

Why I Think Travelers Should Get Lost

It’s confession time. I get lost when I travel. A lot. Everyone tends to assume I have a great sense of direction, or at the … Continue Reading →

How o pack your life into two suitcases?

What’s New With Me? A Whole Lot! (An Explanation For Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Recently)

Whew! I must say, the two months since I returned to the US from full-time traveling has been insane! I do apologize for not keeping … Continue Reading →

Beautiful New York City on my mind

Reverse Culture Shock or Just a Different You in an Old, Familiar Place?

We’ve all experienced culture shock in some form or another, but what about reverse culture shock? You know – the difficulty adjusting to one’s home … Continue Reading →

Grilled beef with peanut sauce over vermicelli noodies and fresh veggies, YUM

A Foodie’s Dilemma

I have a dilemma. A HUGE dilemma. I want to be more of a vegetarian. I don’t like the idea that an animal has to … Continue Reading →