Monreale, Sicily

Montage Monday: UNESCO World Heritage Site in Palermo, Italy

Over this past weekend, the announcement was made for the inclusion of a new¬†UNESCO World Heritage Site in Palermo, Italy. It’s about time, too! The … Continue Reading →

Playing mask for Carnival in Trinidad

Montage Monday: Carnival in Trinidad

As everyone’s Easter celebrations come to an end, let’s look back on the crazy bacchanal that started it all a month ago. I managed to … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: Karnak, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian mythology and childhood dreams come together under the scorching sun in Karnak as I made my way through the crumbling temples and ruins … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: It’s Gettin’ Hot in HERRR

Yes, summer is definitely upon us and being a true California girl, I love the hot days and long nights that summer brings each year. … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: Cardiff, Wales

Today I watched the movie “Submarine,” a quirky film about young love, infidelity, spying on your parents and avoiding change. The movie was beautifully shot … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: Summer Lovin’

Can you believe it’s already June? JUNE! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining that summer is upon us. I dare say summer is one … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A photo montage highlighting my favorite memories from past travels! NASA’s last shuttle launch after a 30-year run is scheduled for later this year but … Continue Reading →