The Sweetest Thing

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Time Flies…

But I certainly had a lot of fun! Sad, but true, my days in Istanbul are coming to a rapid end. I have 8 days … Continue Reading →

Proud Mom!

I knew this would get your attention! To all my friends who keep wanting me to be pregnant (why, I’m not really so sure), THIS … Continue Reading →

Cold Turkey!

I was SUPER excited to go diving in the Gulf of Saros in Turkey this past weekend. My friend, Yusuf (left) and his cousin, Murat … Continue Reading →

Making My Own Luck

Every once in awhile, as I’m sitting on a terrace enjoying the magical skyline of İstanbul, or hearing the akşam call to prayer as the … Continue Reading →

Home Again

After a week-long holiday split between Copenhagen and Stockholm, I arrived into Istanbul quite late and tired, having not had much sleep the night before … Continue Reading →


Living in Istanbul is like having an in-depth case-study of Turkish anthropology. I have noticed common “quirks” that people use here, discovered what the “quirks” … Continue Reading →