Photo from when I went diving in Egypt's Red Sea

Looking Ahead at 2013

Happy New Year from Vietnam! Okay, so I’m almost a week behind, but cut me some slack. I was partying on the beach in Nha … Continue Reading →

I Am NOT Crazy, Or, Thoughts on My Second Meditation Retreat

A couple of things to clear up right away.  First, I AM NOT CRAZY. Honestly I’m not! Second, I AM NOT A HIPPIE. I may … Continue Reading →

Love Story Part 2: Wedding Bells

If you missed Part 1 of my Love Story, catch up on how Matt and I met in India before reading on! Matt and I got … Continue Reading →

Love Story Part 1: Falling in Love in India

This is the beginning of a love story. Matt and I recently celebrated our one-year anniversary. People have been curious about how Matt and I … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Living the Chai Life

Arriving in India following a rather unsettling and turbulent flight, my initial instinct was to find a good cup of coffee to prepare myself for … Continue Reading →

Montage Monday: India

Going to India on my own in February 2010 was a HUGE step for me. I had absolutely NO idea what to expect and coming … Continue Reading →

So They Think I’m a Nepalese Prostitute…

First off, it may sound funny and to be honest, after I am out of India, I will be able to laugh my head off … Continue Reading →