Stunning scenery in Ladakh, India.

Best Moments of 2013

With 2013 coming to an end, I sat down with some friends for a holiday catch-up and we started talking about our best moments of … Continue Reading →

Happiest birthday to me!

The Call of the Wild, Or Why I Can’t Stop Traveling

It would appear that I have done it again. Despite telling myself that I had returned to New York ready to stay put for the … Continue Reading →

All Inclusive Luxury – Or Is It?

Holidays are a time of year everyone looks forward to, and everyone has their own idea of what makes a great holiday experience. All inclusive … Continue Reading →

Beautiful New York City on my mind

Reverse Culture Shock or Just a Different You in an Old, Familiar Place?

We’ve all experienced culture shock in some form or another, but what about reverse culture shock? You know – the difficulty adjusting to one’s home … Continue Reading →

Got in touch with my spiritual side in Hampi, India but by no means am I a hippie

Common Misconceptions about Me (and Every Other Long-Term Traveler)

Now that I’m back in the “real world” and no longer traveling full time, I’m getting the opportunity to speak at length with people about … Continue Reading →

Open roads

Rent a Motorbike, But Don’t Be Stupid

In the last year, I’ve found a new travel hobby: renting motorbikes and just cruising, seeing if there’s anything beyond the small radius that my … Continue Reading →

Enjoying a quiet afternoon reading

The Answer to the Question Most Solo Travelers Get Asked

So what exactly is the question that I, and other solo travelers, get asked the most? “Do you ever get lonely traveling by yourself?” Well, … Continue Reading →