United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival

United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival: World Class Entertainment at 30,000 Feet

Many people consider the transit portion of travel to be the worst, but I (sometimes) find the in-between part to be the most exciting. I love people … Continue Reading →

Playing mask for Carnival in Trinidad

Montage Monday: Carnival in Trinidad

As everyone’s Easter celebrations come to an end, let’s look back on the crazy bacchanal that started it all a month ago. I managed to … Continue Reading →

Berkshires, MA

The Case For Domestic Travel

The last six years of my life have been focused on a lot of international travel; twenty-five new countries and a handful of repeat visits … Continue Reading →

Banksy in Naples

Art in Naples

Dirty, gritty Naples in southern Italy has had a bad reputation that continues to overshadow the city and prevent tourists from really giving it the … Continue Reading →

Crescent Park in Bywater, New Orleans.

Neighborhood Watch: Bywater, New Orleans

Bywater, New Orleans is a vibrant neighborhood home to many of the city’s artists, musicians, designers, and other creative individuals. With the rising number of community … Continue Reading →

Camel safari, Jaisalmer

Travel Lessons: What I’ve Learned So Far

It’s hard to believe that today is my six year anniversary of leaving my office job in New York City to pursue my love of travel. I can honestly … Continue Reading →

Frenchmen Street Art Market

Top Reasons to Visit New Orleans

With it’s elegant European heritage and cool Caribbean vibe, there truly is no other place in the world like New Orleans. While most people associate The … Continue Reading →