Hello, my name is Connie and it has long been my dream to travel the globe and experience new cultures while positively impacting the world and the people around me. I made the decision at the end of 2008 to leave my apartment in New York City and my job with an international consulting firm to pursue my interests, and I haven’t looked back since! I’m currently embarking on a journey that can only reaffirm my belief in humanity and all the good that this world holds. I only hope that I can inspire some good of my own along the way.

Traveling with only my wits, backpack, and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, I hope to engage in a variety of environmental and humanitarian projects and through this site, share with you the places I will see and live, the things I will discover and learn, the people I will encounter and befriend.

I invite you, dear friends and family, avid travelers, adventure seekers, and other sufferers of wanderlust to join me on this incredible journey; to lend me support, offer me guidance, and participate in whatever capacity you can as I navigate through the wonders of this beautiful place called Earth.


  • Varun says:

    Heyy!! U prove to be an inspiration to aspiring travel and exploration enthusiasts!! Its been my undying desire to travel the globe and mingle with so different and amazing cultures all over, this remains only on paper frankly because of lack of funds and me being a student! Well, it would be nice to follow you and do buzz me up anytime you come to mumbai(India). Happy travelling :)

  • Hi, Nice to meet you here on the long way of a great journey!

  • vegan miam says:

    Always a pleasure to read your travel tweets!

    ♡ rika, vegan miam
    ★ i travel + i eat vegan blog ★


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