I’m Not Dead!

You might be pleasantly surprised (hopefully) to be reading this, discovering that I haven’t, in fact, met an untimely death some time in 2015 during my travels. I know it’s now 2017, nearing the two year mark since I last updated this site, and you might be wondering what I’ve been doing with myself if not blogging. Sadly, I don’t have any spectacularly amazing reason for why I haven’t been blogging; life just somehow got away from me. That’s right: somehow two years managed to slip between my fingers without so much as a single written word from me on here.

The heck?

Well, you know how people always claim to be caught off-guard when they come to the realization that X number of years have passed since they last fill-in-the-blank because life just sort of has a momentum of its own and its own center of gravity has a way of pulling you in deeper and deeper without you noticing it? I’m here to report that that phenomenon is true. 

Alright, so besides that meek excuse, what have I been up to? Well, not a whole lot, but at the same time, A LOT:

  1. After much deliberation, I gave up the nomadic lifestyle after six incredible years of travel and moved back to New York City, that chaotic city that I love. It was, and sometimes still is, a difficult transition, but having so many fun and delicious distractions in the city has certainly helped. My wonderful friends here ain’t bad, either. 

    New York City

    New York City from my rooftop

  2. Deciding that I no longer wanted to bust my ass hustling as a full-time freelancer, I went back to my very corporate, very supportive job at a large, international firm. I have a manager whom I get along with extremely well and I have the ideal work-life balance that allows me to have the best of both worlds: financial security as well as flexibility to travel and freelance on a part-time basis. Oh yeah, and I have chiropractic massages built into my medical insurance so that’s pretty sweet too. 
  3. I’ve been exploring a lot more of the United States in the last couple of years and have had a blast covering these destinations. Some amazing cities I’ve experienced: Detroit, Savannah, Miami Beach, Philadelphia, and Richmond, to name just a few. I’m looking forward to exploring many more in the near future!

    Totally digging the vibrant street art scene in Detroit.

    Totally digging the vibrant street art scene in Detroit.

  4. Although I love the life I’m living in New York: going to see theatre, art exhibitions, and concerts on a regular basis, eating all sorts of totally Instagram-worthy treats, and reconnecting with friends, it has been a struggle to come to terms with the fact that I no longer travel full-time. There are a lot of days where I wish I could just up and leave for months at a time with no plan or destination. There’s been a lot of soul-searching and trying to figure out my true place in the world, and regrettably, I don’t have an answer. Not yet anyway, and I’m not sure I ever will, but I do know that trying to live my best life in whatever circumstances I find myself is exactly what I’m doing and I am very content in that. My life’s not perfect. It never was and it never will be, traveling full-time or no, but I am happy. For now, it’s all I want and need.


  • Cruz says:

    Thanks for your Gelato advice on Naples, Italy.

  • John Viljoen says:

    It was very good to see that email notice from Connvoyage after all this time.

    You write well. Keep blogging no matter where you are or what you’re current pursuit happens to be.

    As great as it was to be traveling full-time, I would guess that it’s nice to have a reliable support system where you are now. All in all, a good choice.

    • Connvoyage says:

      Thanks John! It certainly is and although I met so many amazing people during my travels, many of whom I keep in touch with and visit, having a consistent network of friends is doing me well. =)

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