Movies That Move You: The Endless Summer

Beach holidays are among the most popular travel destinations for many people, myself included. If you’re looking for a travel-inspiring film and a little adventure for your next tropical vacation, it’s essential for you to watch Bruce Brown’s 1966 classic surf documentary, The Endless Summer.

Travel-inspiring film: The Endless Summer

Get inspired to go on a surf holiday with The Endless Summer.

This classic travel-inspiring film follows two young surf legends as they traverse the world chasing the summer sun in the 1960s, a time when international travel and surfing were still uncommon practices. The documentary is fun and laid-back — exactly what you’d expect from a surf movie. The film is loaded with incredible early surf footage. If you weren’t already a surfer, The Endless Summer may convince you to take it up as your next hobby.

Surf culture isn’t the only type of culture exposed in The Endless Summer. Remember, the footage was shot in the 1960s before the advent of the internet and social media, much less frequent flyers. Bruce Brown captures the curious locals on film and these moments are the very same moments of connection most travelers long for when they travel abroad. It’s these encounters that the Californian natives experience with the unsuspecting locals that will really spur your traveling soul.

Kuta, Indonesia

Premiere beach and surf destination: Kuta, Indonesia.

Some of the world’s most famous surf spots such as Oahu’s Pipeline North Shore, South Africa’s Cape St. Francis, and Indonesia’s Kuta Beach in Bali all owe their popularity to The Endless Summer. Even if braving the waves isn’t your idea of fun, the gorgeous beaches featured in the documentary will still entice you with their beauty.

The Endless Summer is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Watch it now and make the decision of which location to go to for your next warm weather holiday!

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