United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival: World Class Entertainment at 30,000 Feet

Many people consider the transit portion of travel to be the worst, but I (sometimes) find the in-between part to be the most exciting. I love people watching and there’s no better place to do it than in an airport or seated on an airplane. Often my imagination runs amok and I wonder about my fellow passengers waiting in the terminal and seated across the aisles. “What is their story?” I always wonder, “and how is it that our disconnected lives somehow managed to intersect here on this day at this very hour and propel us toward the same far flung destination?”

United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival

Tim Blake Nelson discusses his powerful film, Anesthesia at the Tribeca Film Festival.

This is the sort of question that actor/writer/director Tim Blake Nelson explores in “Anesthesia,” his riveting new film which I was especially excited to be invited to by United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival. The film, featured in the Tribeca Film Festival Spotlight section, showcases an all-star cast comprised of Sam Waterston, Glenn Close, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Hecht, Gretchen Mol, and Corey Stoll in a powerful and moving look at the frailty of life and the random intersection with those who we encounter in our daily lives seemingly without meaning or consequence.

United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival

United Airlines provides the complete movie-watching experience at the screening of “Anesthesia.”

The special screening of “Anesthesia” last week marked the continuing support for the arts and independent filmmakers by United Airlines, the official airline of the Tribeca Film Festival. With the collaboration between United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival, passengers can now enjoy in-flight access to a specially curated selection of Festival films, documentaries, and exclusive content.

Perhaps the innovative and unique stories you see from United Airlines and Tribeca Film Festival will even inspire you to connect with your fellow passengers on your next flight. For me, that’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between merely observing and wondering what other people’s stories are to making a real and lasting connection. And isn’t that what film and travel are both about — connecting people?

I was invited to the Tribeca Film Festival event by United Airlines and was not compensated for the information or the views expressed in this post. All opinions are an honest and accurate view of my personal experience there.

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