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The best way to get to know Portland is through a walking tour. The city has so much to offer, from trendy shops, to coffee bars, to natural wonders, that the only way intimate details can be discovered is to go by foot. Thankfully, knowledgeable locals have put together lists of the most popular Portland activities on the Kamino walking tours app. It makes it easier for novices to navigate and catch the best attractions. Bethany Rydmark, a seasoned local, has created several fun walking tours of Portland, each with their own flair and unique appeal. After looking over her lists, the following places are where you will want to hit next time you’re in the area:

Hawthorne Bridge, Portland

Hawthorne Bridge, Portland

For a Coffee Fix

In her Buzzing from the Beans excursion, Bethany highlights some of the best coffee-related venues in the area. You’ll be excited to check out Blue Star Donuts, so you can try their blueberry, bourbon and basil variety, though it seems with an offering like that, you may get sidetracked by a wealth of other unique and flavorful choices. Case Study Coffee also seems to be a good place to get a java fix, while remaining anything but ordinary with their many serving options.

Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum

For a Hipster Sunday

Bethany’s A Classy Day Downtown feels like it would make for an ideal Sunday outing, but perhaps that’s because the journey opens with German pancakes at Gracie’s. The day will involve leisurely strolls through numerous parks, including Director Park and Pioneer Courthouse Square. There’s also a hint of culture thrown in with stops at the Portland Art Museum and Oregon Historical Society. Although the description mentions cocktails, the other venues on the list make this walking tour, combined with the shorter footpath of only two miles, an ideal outing for a family as well.

Water Avenue Coffee Company

Water Avenue Coffee Company

For Riverside Relaxation

The Walk on Water venture through the industrial district has some great potential for an afternoon on the town. If you have a soft spot for breakfast foods, Bethany will impress you again with the mention of Oso Market & Bar’s Spanish tapas-style brunch menu. Carrying an iced latte from Water Avenue Coffee Company over to the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade for views of the Willamette River will keep the relaxing vibe going. You’ll like how she mixes it up with quirky moments spent at the Legacy Modern and her suggestions for Portland store fixtures that are worth keeping an eye out for.

For an Artsy Vibe

If you tend to gravitate to artsy places, the Alberta Blitz Portland walking tour will be enjoyable. Although, it’s quite possible your opinion may be been swayed by another mention of brunch! This time, it will be at The Tin Shed, which uses locally sourced ingredients. Close Knit and Bolt appear to be ideal places to find unique yarn and fabrics for those projects you always want to do. The eccentricity of Digs Inside & Out makes it a place you could get lost inside of for hours, examining their gifts and décor.

There’s so much Portland sightseeing to be done that you might want to add an extra day onto your trip just to squeeze in more walking tours. Between the little alcoves that have stylish, yet distinctive appeal and through the numerous coffee establishments, it’s sure to be a great time for unwinding. Moreover, being on foot means you can work in even more brunches and scrumptious snacks at the shops, carts and diners. The numerous parks, museums and other cultural hubs throughout the trip are sure to make the walking tours a little earthy and educational as well.

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