The Best Packing Tip Ever

There’s very few things in the world that so many people enjoy in common as much as travel. It doesn’t matter what kind of travel you do, be it international or domestic, group or solo, road trips or cruises; the mere idea of exploring some unknown corner of the world excites a majority of the human population.

Another thing that most humans have in common? We dislike packing. In all my years of travel and talking to other travelers, the one aspect of travel that gets the least amount of raves is the packing part. It’s as if our luggage is a black hole that somehow sucks the most random articles of clothing into a black abyss, never to be seen again. There must be some dimension in the universe where a colony of single socks roam, searching for their lost partner. It’s kind of a sad thought and it makes me dislike packing all the more. Those poor lonely socks!

The best packing tip

Seriously, this is the best packing tip I’ve ever tried.

Well, I’ve got one of the best packing tips to share with you to make things just a little easier and better. I put it to practice this past summer when I was literally hopping all over Europe to visit friends and I can honestly say that this new packing method has revolutionized the way I pack and travel.

Packing tip

So simple, yet it still makes for the best packing tip ever.

Zip lock bags. Yes, ZIP LOCK BAGS. We all have a box of them at home in the kitchen so it makes for one of the easiest and cheapest packing tips to utilize. I prefer the zip-close freezer bag variety because they’re big, easy to close, and sturdy, but really, any kind will do. Just grab a bag and start packing.

There are actually two ways you can pack your zip lock bags. The first is to pack each bag with one category of item (tops, skirts, socks, beachwear, etc.) and label them for easy referencing. Another is to pack each bag by outfit (top, bottoms, and undergarments). I think both methods help to eliminate rummaging around your suitcase when you’re in a hurry and trying to look for a t-shirt to wear in the morning.

The best part is that even if you have to sift through the entire contents of your luggage, it’s easy to throw each individual bag out and back in, which also saves on packing time too, making packing not as loathsome as before!

Seriously, this is the best packing tip I’ve tried in a long time and I don’t pack any other way now.

Think you’ll try this packing tip for your trip?

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