White Water Rafting In The Berkshires

I bet you didn’t know that you can enjoy a day of white water rafting in the Berkshires. Thanks to Crab Apple Whitewater, you can have a thrilling day out on the water in Western Massachusetts!

White water rafting with Crab Apple Whitewater.

White water rafting in the Berkshires with Crab Apple Whitewater.

When I heard there white water rafting was offered in the Berkshires, I jumped at the opportunity to finally try this wet and wild adventure I’ve been previously too scared to attempt. I admit I was a bit nervous to start, but with reassurance from the friendly and experienced staff at Crab Apple, I had a fantastic first time out on the river.

White water rafting in the Berkshires.

Picturesque scenery for white water rafting in the Berkshires.

Set deep in the beautiful northern mountains of Western Massachusetts along Deerfield River, Crab Apple offers five types of white water rafting adventures to suit all levels and ages. While I would have loved to have had a wild white water rafting experience, it was a good thing I choose the mild route — I can’t image taking on more intense rapids on my first try! Plus, my arms were super sore from all the rowing. Thank goodness there were stretches of calm so that I could temporarily shut down my gun show and enjoy the spectacular view all around me.

White water rafting in the Berkshires.

A happy white water rafter.

I had such a great experience with white water rafting in the Berkshires that I’m already looking forward to my next time out on the white water. While my arms may not be able to handle it just yet, I think I’m up for a wilder adventure next time round!

Check out my white water rafting adventure with Crab Apple. Looks fun, doesn’t it?

*My tour was sponsored by Crab Apple Whitewater, but all opinions are an accurate and honest view on my experience there.

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