Top 5 Places to Visit in the UK

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The UK is full of wonderful places to visit, and those listed below are only a jumping off point. On the other hand, a trip to the United Kingdom that doesn’t include these will be missing something pretty special.


Okay, so London is probably an obvious choice. But going to the UK and missing its most important city is not a great idea. London is huge and manages to offer something to just about anyone. Visit Covent Garden for some truly exceptional shopping, with everything from vintage clothing and jewelry to artisanal handy crafts, such as soaps and stationary. One of the best things that London has to offer are its museums; the Tate Modern is out of this world. You can check out the website to see who is currently being exhibited, but they include works from just about anyone who has done anything important in the last 100 years!

Stonehenge Rocks! courtesy of LASZLO ILYES

Stonehenge Rocks! courtesy of LASZLO ILYES


My mind boggles at Stonehenge. How people managed to erect something like this so many years ago is just beyond me. And what’s even more mysterious is that we still haven’t quite figured out how they managed it. I like the theory that aliens put them there, though I don’t give it too much credit. Visiting the UK and being able to see one of the original wonders of the world? There could be much worse things. A two hour bus trip from London is certainly a lot easier than spending hours getting to China to see the Great Wall.


London’s metropolitan vibe slightly lacks old timey charm and Edinburgh more than makes up for it. There is something so charming about the winding streets and the 12th century Edinburgh castle looking over everything is just too good to be true. The entire old town (the castle included) is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk the Royal Mile and stop along the way to check out the St.Giles Cathedral and the Holyrood Palace – the queen’s official Scottish residence. The Camera Obscura is more than a little bit cheesy and the website could use some work, but the views of the city that it offers are well worth it.

Edinburg Castle courtesy of Bert Kaufmann

Edinburg Castle courtesy of Bert Kaufmann

Loch Ness

Speaking of cheesy, chasing the Loch Ness Monster around Scotland is maybe the cheesiest thing you could do with your trip. BUT how much fun would it be to take a blurry photograph of your finger and pretend to all your friends back home that you saw Nessie? Even if you’re not interested in combing the loch for a mythical creature, Loch Ness is worth the trip. The Scottish Highlands are famous for a reason: they are absolutely stunning. And why not top off your tour with a visit to a scotch distillery. Most of them even give free samples!

St. Ives after dark courtesy of Robert Pittman

St. Ives after dark courtesy of Robert Pittman


Cornwall is gorgeous. Who knew Britain could do beaches this well? Certainly not me. Visit in the summertime, rent a cottage or a caravan and soak up some rays. In a nation that’s more than a little starved for sunshine, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular domestic getaway, which means that the city of Cornwall is full of things to do. They’ve got touring art shows and farmer’s markets all hoping to cater to the whims of visiting tourists.


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