The Best Places for a Hot Chocolate in NYC

The holiday season is upon us, and winter is here to stay for a while. If you’re in and about New York City at this time of year, consuming warmed beverages is part of one’s daily ritual. But instead of going the way of an herbal tea-totaler or designer coffee devotee, opting for a frothy cup of genuine NYC hawt chawklet is the preferred method of chasing the chill. Don’t be fooled by the numerous choices on the street, however. Most offerings are only bland mixtures of powder packets and boiling water. For true cocoa connoisseurs, there are certain establishments that have turned the traditional hot chocolate into an art form. If you’re searching for things to do in NYC and places to sample some of the most palate-pleasing cups of hot chocolate, here is a short list of the best ones here:


City Bakery

Forget for a moment that City Bakery is nestled in the heart of trendy Union Square. Forget that City Bakery maintains iconic status among Gothamites as a premiere NYC attraction. And forget that City Bakery has been catering to its patrons for over two decades. Here’s what you should remember: City Bakery has its own proprietary brand of hot chocolate. Tasting is believing, and if you don’t think that City Bakery offers one of the best hot chocolates around, then you’ll never be swayed from your mucho clichéd knick-knack-paddy-wackachino. Shame on you.

MarieBelle New York

Imagine a premier art gallery crossed with a quaint European café, and you’d end up with MarieBelle. Tucked away in scenic SoHo, this confectionary cornerstone caters to sophisticated palates, and offers a variety of fine chocolate beverages. Imbibe in or take home, MarieBelle is a boutique chocolatier that boasts exquisite good taste and a bit of first class ambiance, as well. This is a decidedly upscale establishment with a decidedly upscale menu, so don’t expect a Styrofoam cup of overly sweet generic brown beverage to be served. If you’re ready for the Big Leagues, then step up to the plate at MarieBelle and ready yourself for a magical hot chocolate experience.

la burdick

L.A. Burdick

Nestled in lower Manhattan’s Flatiron District is one of L.A. Burdick’s four signature East Coast chocolate shop & café locations. New Yorkers are fortunate to have it as their own and there is nothing quite as unique as Burdick’s drinking chocolates. Choose from several selections (including Dark, Milk, and White), then enjoy what a purveyor of hand-made chocolate can do with a hot beverage. How special is a steaming cup of Burdick’s Drinking Chocolate? Let’s just say it would stop Augustus Gloop in his tracks … Try one and see.

serendipity 3

Serendipity 3

Memorable hot chocolate is not relegated to downtown, as evidenced by the Upper East Side’s Serendipity 3. What does S-3 offer that puts it this list? Three words: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. You read correctly: F-R-R-R-O-Z-E-N, with three Rs. (Check for yourself.) Divulging the secret behind Serendipity’s morphing of heat and cold would be a violation of a sacred trust, and that wouldn’t be sporting. Suffice it to say that S-3’s creative cocoa concoction is impressive, and must be sampled to be fully appreciated.

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