10 Travel Essentials Every Traveller Needs

The more you travel, the more stuff you begin to accumulate, but your rucksack can get pretty heavy if you try and take everything with you to every place you visit. Here’s a list of 10 travel essentials (not including things like sunglasses, clothing and footwear) that every traveller should have, meaning if it’s not on the list, you might be able to leave it behind.

Backpack image by Kokorowashinjin via Flickr CC

Backpack image by Kokorowashinjin via Flickr CC

  1. Tissues – Because not everywhere has the facilities you might be used to back home!

  2. Lightweight scarf/sarong – The great thing about taking a lightweight scarf or sarong is that it can be used to keep warm or to keep cool, while it won’t take up hardly any room in your bag. Wrap it around you to warm you up in an evening or when travelling in air conditioned transport, or use it to prevent the sun from burning your shoulders and arms.

  3. International adapter – Every traveller should have an international adapter and you can now get ones that work in different continents so you don’t need to take more than one. You’ll undoubtedly have things that need charging from time to time, especially if you’re using things like laptops and cameras a lot, so being able to charge something whenever you like is always convenient.

  4. Ear plugs – One of the greatest things about travelling is that you’ll meet so many people from different walks of life, however sometimes all you want is a good night’s sleep! Ear plugs might not prevent you from waking up through a crazy party but they’re still a good thing to have with you.

  5. Medical kit – Depending on where you’re travelling, you could find yourself in some pretty remote places where you won’t be able to simply pop into a shop to get whatever you need. That’s why a small medical kit is really handy. A lot of ready-made medical kits will have things in it that you’ll probably never use so it’s best to make your own to utilise your space as best as you can. Some essentials include plasters (band aids), SPF lip balm, hand sanitizer, diarrhoea tablets, painkillers and antiseptic cream. You’ll probably need other things too along the way but including these essentials will at least help you in the short term.

  6. Mosquito repellent – Some people seem to avoid mosquito bites while others seem to get bitten from head to toe 24/7, so if you’re like the latter, a good mosquito repellent is an absolute-must. Add a small spray to your rucksack to avoid that horrible, constant itching throughout your travels.

  7. Small canvas bag – You don’t want to be carrying your main rucksack around with you everywhere you go, so as long as you have somewhere safe to store it, it’s a good idea to take a small canvas bag out with you instead. Not only will this be much lighter and more comfortable to walk about with, but you’ll also be able to fold it up in your rucksack when you’re not using it.

  8. Spork – A spork is great if you plan on cooking your own food at any point as it can be used to eat almost anything. Eating out can be expensive in some countries so self-catering is a great option if you’re on a budget, meaning you can easily use your spork to enjoy a quick bowl of cereal or soup. It’s also really small so will fit comfortably into a pocket in your bag.

  9. Small towel – Towels are quite often provided by hostels or hotels, however it’s handy to have one with you when you’re out and about in case of wet weather. You’ll want to dry off as quickly as possible if you get caught in a downpour, so a small, lightweight towel is just what you need.

  10. A pen – This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many times you need to make a note of something when you don’t have a pen to hand. Many people will give you tips and names of places to stay along your travels, and it’d be impossible to remember it all without writing it down. Post-it notes or a small notepad can also be useful.

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