Food Hunting: Malabon, Philippines

You know about my love of food by now, but did you know that I also love food hunting? Food hunting is my version of sight-seeing when I travel. I love visiting museums, palaces, monuments, and natural wonders during my travels, but I REALLY love exploring a place for delicious, authentic food. I find that food hunting is always an adventure, and usually one that leads to all sorts of other great discoveries as well.

The quaint neighborhood of Malabon becomes the sight of my food adventure

The neighborhood of Malabon becomes the site of my food hunting adventure

My recent food hunting foray in Malabon, a quaint neighborhood within metro Manila, led me not only to an afternoon of tasty delights, but also landed me on the backseat of a traffic enforcers motorbike, which was a bit insane, but completely awesome.

Getting police escorted to my foodie destination

Getting police escorted to my foodie destination

Armed with a sheet of paper with several addresses I had curated from fellow food bloggers, I set off for my afternoon of food hunting and oh boy, did my adventure start off a complete mess. I was lost and sitting in a jeepney whose driver had no idea where I wanted to go. I switched to another jeepney and the driver of the second jeepney also had no clue where I wanted to go. Luckily, a traffic enforcer was sitting in the second jeepney with me and struck up a conversation. Finding it amusing (she couldn’t stop chuckling) that I had traveled all the way to Malabon to taste the neighorhood’s local dishes, she took me off the jeepney and recruited a fellow traffic enforcer to drive me around Malabon on his motorbike in search of my culinary treasures.

Gooey, cheesy goodness that is pitchy pitchy

Gooey, cheesy goodness that is peachy-peachy

Our first stop took us to Arny ♥ Dading for peachy-peachy (sometimes also spelled pitchy-pitchy). Not knowing how I would like a dessert made of cassava covered with grated salty cheese, I ordered a small pack to go without even tasting a single piece. HUGE mistake! It wasn’t until later that I tasted the peachy-peachy and I was completely blown away. I’ll admit that at first the combination of cassava and salted cheese seemed a little strange to me, but the contrast in flavors from the sweetness of the soft cassava to the salty tang of the grated cheese made this dessert absolutely perfect! It was so good that my friend and I polished off the entire package after dinner only to be left craving for more!

The delicious reason I ventured to Malabon in the first place, the pancit Malabon

The reason I ventured to Malabon in the first place, the Pancit Malabon

The next stop the traffic enforcer escorted me to was for the main reason I had ventured to Malabon in the first place: pancit Malabon. I had tried the strangely yellow, yet superbly delicious noodle dish once before with a Filipino friend and loved it!  I was thrilled to visit the place where I could get the real deal! The traffic enforcer dropped me off at his favorite restaurant, Nanay’s Pancit Malabon, before giving me more advice on Filipino food and bidding me farewell. The traffic enforcer was spot on with his pancit Malabon recommendation. I had a very, VERY satisfying plate. My tastebuds sang, the pancit was so good!


Kakanin, yet another strangely named Filipino delicacy

After devouring my noodles, I followed the traffic enforcer’s advice and headed across the street to Dolor’s Kakanin for a glutinous rice dessert. Now, I have to admit that I’m no fan of glutinous rice desserts, but because the traffic enforcer insisted that I try it, I decided I’d give it a go. As suspected, I wasn’t a fan due to the gelatinous texture, but the taste was quite pleasant, and mildly sweet. The toasted coconuts on top were the best part.

By this time, I was completely and very happily stuffed. Although I passed several other shops with treats waiting for me to sample them, I had to pass and make my long, traffic-logged journey back to Manilla. As I sat on the back of a jeepney, I had to laugh. Only someone with my eating abilities would require a special police escort to satisfy her appetite.

Malabon, you were a fantastic food hunting destination and I thank the traffic enforcers of Malabon for getting me to my culinary destinations!

Insider tip: Do NOT go to Malabon on Monday as most shops are closed and you’ll be in for disappointment. 

You can find all three of these stops along General Luna Street in Malabon City.

Have YOU gone food hunting recently?

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