Happy Valley Horse Races…Finally!

Yes, finally, I have gone to the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong to experience the horse races. After a year of living and working near the Jockey Club, I made my visit to an event I consider an essential experience in Hong Kong, for no other reason than simply because it is there. I mean, where else can you go to horse races in a spectacular setting like this?

The impressive city view from Happy Valley Racecourse

As it so happened, the night I went to Happy Valley was during the Beer Festival. There were crowds of rowdy Westerners and locals who, it seemed, were there more for the beer than the races themselves. It made for a fun and lively crowd, and the people watching was more than entertaining, to say the least.

A fun night at Happy Valley, thanks to Vincenzo and JJ

Although I was disappointed that the races seemed a mere sideshow to the beer festival, that the races took place only sporadically, and were over before I even knew they had begun, it was a great night with my friends, Vincenzo and JJ, of theWanderlister.com.

Wait, I think I see some horses racing by!

Despite not being able to see much of the races from my disadvantage point, much less figure out how to place any bets, it was a fun night out and still worth a visit. I think I’d like to go back to Happy Valley Racecourse another time, preferably when the Beer Festival isn’t take place simultaneously, and try my luck at betting. I have a feeling I could win, but I’ll never know until I take the chance.

Having fun at Happy Valley, photo by JJ of theWanderlister.com

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