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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Travel Confessions!”

Q1 via @Imnothome1: Tell us your biggest cultural faux-pas! 

  • @Miss_Starling: Telling a Spanish man I was horny rather than hot (temperature) Whoops
  • @hyperren: It may not seem like a big deal, but I always stress about how many air kisses it takes to greet which nationality
  • @MashOnEarth: Waved at my friend to come closer with palm up in Thailand. Apparently, it’s the way to call a dog. For people – palm down 
  • @DigitalDiscussn: Car breaking down and asked blokes in pub if they could ‘jump me’. They fell off their stools
  • @foodieintl: Eating bread with pasta in Italy. I learned my lesson 
  • @GreenGlobalTrvl: Holding the door for my lady in KwaZulu Natal, where men walk, eat, and drink first
  • @KyleGoesGlobal: In Spanish in Mexico, I tried to order a “hot dog” by describing it as a “dog that is hot” – I literally asked for a “horny dog”  
  • @SandiMcKenna: I am sure I have probably ‘LOUD talked’ when speaking to someone who didn’t understand English thinking it would help 
  • @Ggnitaly84: Having a cappuccino after noon in Italy, a big no no in the Bel Paese
  • @Tactile Travel: Thinking I said grapes when I really said something anatomically obscene in Arabic

Q2 via @Travelogged: What’s the most touristy thing you’ve ever done — that you loved?

  • @travelproducer: I L-O-V-E double decker tour buses and I’m not ashamed to admit it
  • @rkerestes: Most touristy thing I’ve done & loved was climb to the top of Eiffel Tower at night 
  • @TraveLeadPly: I cried watching the fountains at Bellagio. True story 
  • @glampacker: Singing Sound of Music songs in Salzburg and poses in Mirabell Gardens 
  • @reeseeverywhere: I bought (and still keep buying) fridge magnets from places I visit 
  • @anishahbbc: Blocking narrow paths whilst taking photos – very annoying for busy locals speed-walking to work! 
  • @TheAlexLop: Getting on a camel in Giza solely for the photo opp. Who doesn’t love a cliché Egypt photo? 
  • @anujap: Wearing Mickey ears at Disneyland
  • @melbtravel: Taking a photos holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m sure everyone has one of those photos 

Q3 via @worldswaiting: What’s the worst thing you ever said while trying to speak a foreign language?

  • @HTGlobe: I would like to eat vagina. (cous cous or cuscus in Farsi is vagina) true story
  • @airwaysfoodie: I told a Chinese guy I wanted to see his beauty (piao liang) while I meant his ticket (feiji piao) 
  • @Inga_Ros: I tried to ask for a pregnancy test in a pharmacy in Spain but asked for a business test
  • @traveldudes: Someone I’ve met wanted to order “5 cold beers” in Cambodia, but said: “5 old women”. He hit the wrong tones
  • @KiltandaCamera: Requested a hard-on instead of a bread roll at the bakery in Brazil
  • @LADventurers: In Taiwan recently I said “shee shee” instead of “sher sher” which is “piss piss” instead of thanks 
  • @melbtravel: When I was working in the States, I would say I loved Hummers the car but not realize that meant an act on a male 
  • @SuuperG: I said “Get yourself hot” instead of “Shut yourself up” in Spanish to soldiers who were pestering me
  • @totoro2222 : Chin Chin! what means “cheers” in some languages, turns out it means penis in Japanese 

I do NOT recommend that you eat balut when you visit the Philippines!

Q4 via @Nanoz84 What kind of food you have tried during your travels that you won’t recommend trying? 

  • @rkerestes: Durian! Seriously, there’s a reason why this fruit is banned from most public places
  • @OnTheRoadToYou: Oh god! The smell of Stinky Tofu just does my head in 
  • @HelenaKBC: Kokoretsi – kind of spit roast entrail thing you eat in Greece at Easter 
  • @innalameda: Definitely NOT a fan of eating bugs! I don’t CARE if they’re protein
  • @MalloryOnTravel: Anything yak butter derived ….. shuddering just thinking about it 
  • @SuuperG: Baby eels. After I ordered them (feeling adventurous in Spain) I felt horrible about all the little guys.
  • @MyDestination: Rat kebab in Cebu or chickens feet
  • @travel_rich: Oysters. Unless you like the feeling of having snot in your mouth. I judge no one
  • @ooharradventure: Vegemite. If this can even be called food

Q5 via @ephemerratic: Have you hated a destination that everyone else loves? Where and why?

  • @RunawayJuno: Well, not everyone loved, but China. I couldn’t handle the Asian-Asian racism
  • @Trent_Blomfield: Paris. Its just under whelming. It’s all very cliched and try talking to some locals if they even speak to you 
  • @wetfootprints: Koh Tao in Thailand overcrowded, too Western and generally couldn’t wait to leave 
  • @DeprtureDiaries: Athens. It was dirty, disheveled and disappointing all-around. Maybe my expectations were too high for the historic hotspot 
  • @ur: Las Vegas. Mostly because of the heat and the expense. Oh and what stays in Vegas never actually stays there 
  • @AllyMacDee: Tokyo. Concrete jungle, overcrowded, expensive. A group of teens thought we were Americans and told us to ‘fluck off’ out of Japan 
  • @lowcostholidays: Venice. Going at peak time was the worst thing. So crowded and extremely expensive. It’s a shame when beauty becomes spoiled 
  • @FreakOutOfTown: Does anyone actually like Los Angeles?

And there you have it, “Travel Confessions!”  

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