#TTOT Round-Up: Up and Coming Travel Destinations

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Up and Coming Travel Destinations!”

Q1 via @zurichvienna: Name three cities to travel to in 2013

  • @ae_carhire: Budapest, Sevilla, and Cape Town you should have already have been to these awesome places, if you haven’t what are you waiting for 
  • @TravelPassionis: Uruguay, Burma and Java
  • @curlyhezzy: Inca City, Mumbai, and Kathmandu
  • @OTPTravel: Raipur, India, Olgii, Mongolia, and Letang,Tibet
  • @Maddiedotse: Jerusalem, Berlin and Hveragerdi 
  • @AngelFCast: Goa (India), Rio de Jainero (Brazil), Porto (Potugal) 
  • @jeJAKAki: Istanbul, Granada, Morocco
  • @BespokeTravels: Cape Town, Lima, and St. Petersburg
  • @farsickness: Saigon, Taipei, Yangon

Q2 via @HolidayExtras: What motivates you to step out of your comfort zone and discover new destinations?

  • @turkuk: I travel to convince myself I live in a big planet called “The World”, not in a little bubble called “Home” 
  • @LaViajadora: Being able to make connections with other people and learning about their culture motivates me 
  • @OpenAfricaOrg: The knowledge that knowing once out of our comfort zone, the experiences will be life-changing. This is the ONLY way to travel 
  • @candancept: A well written article, recommendation from a friend or blogger, but I always stick to intuition. Some places just call my name
  • @hilarisortoleva: Curiosity and that feeling of adventure 
  • @lethers: The taste of adventure definitely, cultural diversity, new experiences… The list could go on but anything new 
  • @LoveSilverDoor: To travel is experience! You must pack as many experiences into life as possible! So, stepping out of your comfort zone is a must 
  • @dmelloalan: A life less explored is a life less lived

Q3 via @ephemerratic: Where have you visited that is unappreciated and should be on everyone’s list?

  • @dealchecker: New Zealand. It’s a popular destination, but the country is so beautiful that more people should visit
  • @FloraBaker: Not many people head to the Baltics, but Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have gorgeous towns and friendly locals – and they’re cheap 
  • @earthXplorer: Montreal – very cool city 
  • @missmzungu: The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are definitely worth a visit  
  • @25travels: My home country, the Philippines, is often underrated compared to SE Asia countries
  • @trvlwithmelissa: Namibia Africa is way under rated
  • @zwei2go: Curaçao. It is a beautiful island, the food is great, and the people are gracious
  • @katieaune: Georgia (the country) and western Ukraine 
  • @BespokeTravels: Edinburgh. A lot to discover in a tiny city 

Q4 via @discoverusaca: What destination will never go out of style and why?

  • @MzansiGirl: South Africa, its just so diverse – wildlife, culture, beaches, history, icons, adventure. You can just keep coming back for more 
  • @inga_ros: Dubrovnik. Hasn’t changed for the past few hundred years and probably won’t change too much in the future
  • @Miss_Starling: Rome, it’s the eternal city. So classy and beautiful  
  • @OnTheRoadToYou: Sydney, London, New York, Hong Kong. Because they are the main hubs where people congregate
  • @Travel_Rich: Bangkok. So often a backpackers first destination. Will always be crazy 
  • @WanderTheMap: Paris-always one of my favorites-it’s such a beautiful city, lots of culture/history, amazing food, and so much to do 

Q5 via @RobertKCole: What up and coming destination do you want kept a secret?

  • @MalloryOnTravel: Love Oman, beautiful country, lovely people, great diversity
  • @Intrepid_Travel: Can we keep Burma a secret for just a little longer – so much to see before it’s overrun
  • @tamvyn: Montenegro…shhh…don’t get too touristy before I have a chance to visit please
  • @lowcostholidays: The island of Hvar in Croatia. Take a boat to some of the secluded islands and relax..Shhh 
  • @BurnsTammy: Cuba. I worry that if/when the US embargo lifts, it’ll be all Americanized and lose its charm
  • @anuragamuffin: While all flock to Goa’s beaches, Dudhsagar waterfalls is a hidden gem! It is Goa’s best kept secret 
  • @NicoleTravelBug: I really think Slovenia and Slovakia are going to be hot in 2013. Both have stunning scenery 
  • @LandLopers: It’s been big for budget travelers for a while, but more mainstream are starting to visit Laos. Great place, but don’t tell  

And there you have it, “Up and Coming Travel Destinations!”  

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