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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Travel Games!”

Q1 via @boomeranghotels What is the best road trip game?

  • @TheAlexLop: The Name Game: Watch: CairO. OkinawA. ArkansaS. St. SebastiaN
  • @theglamtraveler: Would you rather! Makes for some interesting convos 
  • @dealchecker: 20 questions without Google because that’s just cheating 
  • @lucy_c_b: ‘What am I thinking?’ passes the time 
  • @TeachReviews: I Spy! Many good things to spy while on a road trip 
  • @OTPTravel: Name that tune is our favorite. Music is essential for a good road trip
  • @nsouthwick: Punchbuggy, clearly. particularly if one is visiting England
  • @katyabroad: Horse. You shout horse if you see a horse. Minus points if you shout it and it’s cow/sheep/postbox

Q2 via @hobonora Do you have a game you can play with anybody on the road, regardless of language or culture? 

  • @loco2: We learned to make origami frogs from train tickets, you can bounce them into a glass. Timeless, language agnostic and for all ages 
  • @hilaryetravels: Twister- it’s a classic and no language needed
  • @Inga_Ros: Backgammon. Very universal and you don’t need to speak 
  • @checkinlondon: UNO – Colored playing cards with numbers…everybody knows numbers and colors regardless of their culture and language 
  • @latinAbroad: Singing along to old Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys songs. Everybody knows. Even the haters
  • @UnnaWildt: Thumb war and rock/paper/scissor/lizard/Spock
  • @travel_rich: Card games. A pack of cards can break any language barrier. And ice

Q3 via @TravelDesigned What are the best game apps? 

  • @VolunteeReviews: Fruit Ninja! Love slicing those fruits and see them splatter on the wall
  • @adlibtraveller: Maybe Tetris or good old Angry Birds
  • @Curiosity_Trvls: I’m a big fan of Words with Friends. Scrabble can get really competitive, and pass a lot of time 
  • @katyabroad: Draw Something
  • @analtable: Tap The Frog is addictive
  • @OTPTravel: You can get Final Fantasy games now as apps. This is heaven for all gamers 
  • @PLUSjordi: Snake. The greatest phone game of all time 
  • @SustainableTrip: I’m addicted to Temple Run at the moment
  • @melbtravel: World Flags and Country quiz games, you learn about another country while being inspired 

Q4 via @ae_carhire What’s the best beach game to play?

Q5  via @TreasureLondon Favorite games to play all by yourself when traveling solo?

  • @LAbackpackrChik: I have two Sudoku books with me for long bus rides when electronics just don’t cut it! Endless hours of entertainment 
  • @FloraBaker: Guess what arguments are about when you don’t speak their language
  • @katyabroad: People watching (and secretly, people judging)
  • @travels4couples: Solitaire 
  • @eurapart: Take photos of other travelers taking silly travel photos 
  • @findmypassport: Game wise though the Rubix Cube wins hands down 
  • @brandyleebell: Making up absurd/fictional stories about people I watch 

And there you have it, “Travel Games!”  

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