#TTOT Round-Up: Meeting Strangers

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Meeting Strangers!”

Q1 via @hilaryetravels What are some of the most unusual circumstances you have made new friends while traveling?

  • @jauntingkerrs: Got stuck in Elevator in Florence with strangers – ended having drinks on the rooftop celebrating our escape
  • @ilivetotravel: In Lake Titicaca, a young woman called out to me “Are you from Atlanta?” I was surprised. She said she worked at restaurant I often went to
  • @TravelingMurphy: I was reading the Hunger Games in an airport and a woman asked how Katniss was today. Strange but we ended up talking for two hours
  • @TheTravelHack: I made some brilliant friends while trapped in a hotel during a typhoon in Vietnam. We were there for 4 days so got pretty close 
  • @innalameda: Always meet at the market! People have a way of bonding over food  
  • @wyomingtourism: Some of the most interesting people I’ve met is meeting people in line for the bathroom 
  • @HW_Travel: Switched seats with a mom on a flight. The girl in the seat I moved to ended up being one of my best friends
  • @lilmsitchyfeet: Mostly through CouchSurfing – sleeping on others peoples couches is really bonding 
  • @indohoy: Twitter is a kinda weird place to make friends, don’t you think? 

Q2 via @docwends What was your most memorable meeting of random strangers on the road?

  • @MyDWhitsundays: Hitch hiked with a fella who said that he had just escaped from jail
  • @JessicaKorteman: Met a guy in Delhi – that night we had dinner at his house and the next day we flew to Kashmir to hike the Himalayas with his family
  • @SpotCoolStuff: Getting a ride in an army convoy in Kyrgyzstan. And then stopping for some live shooting practice 
  • @KaraVonB: Traveling on a bus in Nepal and sitting next to a guy that lives a few blocks from me in NYC 
  • @shinyredtype: Hitchhiking in Iceland, caught rides with a member of Q4U and a former Icelandic Olympian 
  • @anne_elizabeth: I spent a day as a third wheel with a Nepalese couple on their honeymoon, while traveling alone. They were so sweet to include me 
  • @KiltandaCamera: Assaulted some random English speakers in our little Brazilian town because I missed hearing my own language. Made friends 

Q3 via @christinahegele Where is it easiest to make friends with strangers (transport, accommodation, eateries, activities)? 

  • @OTPTravel: My favorite is in the most off the beaten path places. We both look at each other and think, you’re here too? Instant friendship 
  • @lethers: It’s easiest to make friends when participating in same activity
  • @KosherGinger: Toss up between accommodation and transport. Being in one area with people opens you up to talking
  • @ryancmcmanus: It has to be buses and trains. There’s not much else to do and you can only read for so long
  • @packDsuitcase: You’ll make friends in a snap at a hostel The close quarters with other travelers is a guaranteed good time
  • @chocochic: Transport is easiest to make contact. We’re confined to a space and I sometimes feel a bit bored 
  • @TravelandEscape: Activities are a great to meet other travellers who are interested in the same things as you are 
  • @Em30b430: Accommodation – Always head for the kitchen. Nothing gets people talking like the food they miss from home 

Q4 via @inspiremeS What’s the kindest thing a stranger has done for you on your travels?

  • @ur: Had 18 hour wait between hotel check out and going to airport. A couple let us nap at their apartment so we didn’t have to stay in heat 
  • @BurbaHayes: A complete stranger at the next table bought us lunch in Paris as a “welcome to the city” gesture. Classy 
  • @Curiosity_Trvls: Met a girl on a flight to Ecuador. She ended up letting me stay in her home. Her family took care of me while I had altitude sckness 
  • @MelissaToandFro: A Japanese expat in Bangkok noticed I was a complete skytrain noob. She helped me get on and then we spent the entire day together 
  • @worldswaiting: I once peeled a guy’s sunburned peeling off his back. Secured our friendship for years 
  • @FloraBaker: Friend left iPod in a Pushkar guesthouse and realised on the bus. 5 mins of driving and a motorbike speeds past: owner brought her iPod 
  • @detourdumonde: Guy in Texas came to me, said “Know what? Jesus told me to give you a hundred bucks.” He did
  • @analopezct: Got lost in Cuba walking through tobacco fields and the farmer invited me to drink coconut water and showed me how they make cigars  
  • @BarefootBeachB: Got pushed down a flight of stairs at nightclub in Bali, hurt my ankle, and a random guy picked me up and carried me home 
  • @KirkCole: I think its a combination of the little things people do (opening doors, translating, directions) all of those are just amazing 

Q5 via @gogogasti What is your “stranger pick-up line”?

  • @packDsuitcase: Lost, can you help? Big eyes, hair flip… shameless but works every time
  • @OTPTravel: I could be the most memorable mistake of your whole trip
  • @dealchecker: Do you speak English?
  • @katyabroad: Where have you come from/where are you going? Pretty safe opening for fellow travellers
  • @TravellingSoles: “Can I sit here?”  
  • @HTGlobe: We don’t now each other yet but we should be friends 
  • @the_wideangle: “If you had a like button I’d click it.”
  • @ryancmcmanus: If it’s a local: “Where’s your favorite place to eat?” If not, “Where’s your favorite place that you’ve eaten.” 
  • @ur: I see the scenery is not the only thing attractive to look at here
  • @kitwhelan: The classic “So, where are you from?”
  • @worldwanders: Guess which country I’m from and I’ll buy you a drink, guess wrong and you buy me a drink
  • @earthXplorer: “I’m Rich”

And there you have it, “Meeting Strangers!”  

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