#TTOT Round-Up: Travel Surprises

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Travel Surprises!” 

Q1 via AngelinaFoster: What’s the best surprise you’ve had on your travels?

  • TravelBlggr: Finding a leatherback turtle laying eggs on the beach in South Africa
  • SaraKateTravel: When my mom and I got free airline tickets and other coupons for taking a later flight (which we preferred), that was REALLY great
  • ilivetotravel: When I realized that in most countries I can linger after a meal at the restaurant and they just don’t care
  • roniweiss: I’ve loved how nice people have been to me. When you’re alone on the road, you’re frequently relying on the kindness of strangers
  • misspallen: That I can convert currency in my head when travelling, despite being terrible at maths. If shopping is involved then I step up
  • qualityhunters: How landmarks actually look like in real life, TV gives a very different view
  • elleswim: Biggest surprise: the world is a lot smaller than you might think

Q2 via SwannySA What surprises you most when traveling?

  • HipTraveler: How people connect despite differences in cultures and how we find ourselves 
  • familyonabike: How much more of the world there is to see and experience 
  • hyperren: I’m still always pleasantly surprised by how nice, welcoming, and generous people around the world can b
  • Turtlecovesuite: How good street food is wrapped in newspaper. Grosses out the wife though 
  • RacheyRoo183: How you can go from “stranger” to “friend” so quickly. Beer and shared experiences make friends for life
  • hjortur: When I see someone that I think looks just like someone I know – except the Chinese version
  • secret_escapes: How badly I deal with the heat
  • premium_ch: I am often surprised at how many people complain about how it isn’t like home-that’s the point of traveling

Q3 via LizJarvisUK Which country has challenged your preconceptions the most?

  • VoyageJason: Fiji. It was the first time I felt like a minority. Met some kids who had never a white person before. It was amazing
  • HTGlobe: India for sure! India has tested me on so many levels and it is for that same reason it is my favorite country 
  • lethers: Germany, it’s much more interesting than I thought. Many preconceived ideas annihilated 
  • SADcars: Columbia! Everybody was telling us horror stories so we were a bit scared but then it was the best of all on our trip 
  • detourdumonde: The US surprised. Especially when this cow-boy in Texas told me : “You know what? Jesus told me to give you 100 bucks.” So he did 
  • Alan_Curr: Pakistan. I expected cold stares and to feel uncomfortable, instead the people thanked us for coming to see their beautiful country 
  • walkflypinoy: China. you think you got it all figured out then BOOM ass-less chaps for kids. Whuuut?!

Q4 via @AngelinaFoster What’s been the most unwelcome surprise whilst traveling?

  • kitwhelan: Worst feeling is realizing the bag that just got stolen had a passport in it
  • Viajecin: The poverty you find when venturing out of the very touristic areas. It is sad, like taking off a mask 
  • SomeSojourns: Every bout of surprise food poisoning
  • WalksofItaly: People trying to rip you off because you are a tourist
  • gfexplorers: Usually the expats and the expat ‘Scene’
  • OnTheRoadToYou: Getting stung by lots of baby Jelly Fishes off the coast of Zanzibar whilst diving 
  • Stephee182: Pretty much every time I checked my bank account
  • elle_croft: having my round-the-world flight cancelled by the airline for no reason half way through trip

Q5 via AbangAfrica Which destination was surprisingly different than expected, and why?

  • thearcticnomad: I wasn’t expecting the Philippines to be so very different to rest of SE Asia
  • reidtravels: Scotland. I assumed they spoke English, but I couldn’t understand any of the people there
  • Roopunzel: I bet Israel is surprisingly different to what people gather from the news 
  • FionaHilliard: Iceland’s tiny population was surprising (325,000) and how village-like Reykjavik is
  • scrapbookoflife: Everywhere in the Middle East has been so welcoming – very unlike common perception
  • easyJetHolidays: How much there is to do in Luxembourg. It may be small, but good things come in small packages 
  • wanderingzito: Oman. wasn’t expecting to be treated well as an american solo female traveler. Completely surprised by amazing local hospitality  

And there you have it, “Travel Surprises!”  

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