The Worst Thing About Travel? Saying Goodbye

Well, it’s finally here. After making my announcement that I was leaving Hong Kong months ago, I have just a few days (DAYS!) left in Hong Kong before I leave. For good.

I’m going to miss this Hong Kong view and my friends who live here

Sure, I’ll come back to visit Hong Kong in the future, but after this year and a half roller coaster ride of ups, downs, highs, and lows, I know there is slim chance I will ever live here again. I love Hong Kong, but there are just too many things that I also can’t stand.

But this post isn’t about Hong Kong. It’s about saying goodbye to amazing people and as a traveler, how much I hate it.

My favorite thing about travel is definitely meeting new people and forming friendships. Unfortunately the nature of a transient lifestyle also means that at some point, those friendships come to an end as I leave a particular destination and venture to further travels. Sure, with social media it’s easy to stay “connected,” but it’s not the same as simply being able to call up, say, Harold for Sunday brunch and beat him at a game of Scrabble. There’s something beautiful in being able to do that, and not just because I enjoy winning!

I’ve come to accept that saying goodbye is just another part of my nomadic life, that with every new friend I meet, it’s inevitable at some point I will have to bid them farewell. In the end, I would much rather have had the opportunity to make these incredible connections with these amazing people than to never have had the chance all.

But saying goodbye? Yeah, that still sucks. 

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