#TTOT Round-Up: Lost in Translation

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Lost in Translation!” 

Q1 via trevormorrow: What have you learned not to do or say in certain countries?

  • edgyjunecleaver: “I’m looking for a rug” in a Turkish market
  • kampunggirl: Never tell an Italian your son plays the cello. ‘Cello’ is a local slang for a certain male body part
  • hjortur: Don’t wave or eat with left hand in certain Arabic countries…(left hand is traditionally used as substitute for TP) 
  • the_HoliDaze: Do not attempt to try and tip people for superior service when in Japan — very offensive
  • Rickshaw_Travel: One for the ladies, don’t touch a monk in Thailand
  • kelaussie29: Don’t whine about the price of locally brought goods & services then go and spend $20+ bucks on a night on the beer
  • JauntingKerrs: Dont act like you expect every person to speak English

Q2 via megamondotravel: What’s the funniest, most ridiculous “lost in translation” communication meltdown you’ve experienced?

  • RunawayBrit: Speaking to a Vietnamese guy who mispronounced the word ‘important.’ It became ‘impotent’ – “You must be very impotent”
  • connvoyage: In Turkish, “thanks” sounds a lot like “testicular.” I had trouble pronouncing it correctly all the time
  • foodieintl: Told my Italian BFF I was reading “King of the Sheep.” I insisted it was a famous book: “The Lord of the Rings” 
  • BAIRDSTRAVEL: First time in Germany, I learned quick that DAMEN is the laddies toilet . Not the mens
  • Emma_Sparks: I got offended when a Swede said ‘sluta’ to me. It means ‘stop’
  • lizenespana: Trying to say my roommate Amy and I were related, but ended up saying we “had relations”
  • willpeach: Asking for a tasty bit of “polla” (cock) instead of chicken “pollo” in Spain

Q3 via Robyn Boswell: What adventure/disaster have you had because you mis-interpreted someone?

  • BudgetTraveller: Florence. Ask if they have seafood on the menu. Nods her head. Trippa. I’m like wow. Interesting. Taste. Turns out to be Tripe.Urgh
  • onlyapartmentsI: Taking the wrong train for misinterpreting Cyrillic
  • mozzaLS28: Frequently walking into men’s toilets because I don’t know the word for man or the pictures aren’t giving any clues away either
  • kitwhelan: The “salad course” at a restaurant in Fes turns out to be 18 plates! And that was just the first course
  • WindstarCruises: A tour of the Giza pyramids became a trip across the desert via camel. No clue how that happened – still
  • halfofjess: Not a mishap, but what I thought meant “bus comes tonight” turned out to be “bus comes tomorrow”. Made for a longgggg wait
  • lizcleere: I believed a Gorkha friend that it was a ‘simple’ walk. 8 hours later, crying in pain, we got there

Q4 via onlyapartmentsD: What’s the funniest street/public sign you found on your travels? Photos?

Aussie Kel: Part of an anti drink drive campaign sign I saw in India once
connvoyage: Confusing street sign in Lijiang, China

KeysClaudia: “Day of the Shark” shoot @ Breezy Palms Resort

Alan_Curr: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Q5 via trevormorrow: In what country/city did the locals make you feel most welcomed, even when you couldn’t communicate with them? 

  • BudgetTraveller: East or West wherever you go- India is the friendliest country! Even if you don’t speak a word -locals want to interact
  • kitwhelan: I think this is a tie between Japan and Morocco. Both super-welcoming! 
  • senyoritamyx: Chiang Mai. The locals there are a bit more hospitable compared to in other places in Thailand
  • SarahDuff: Malawi – one of the friendliest countries in the world
  • theBubbleBuster: I’m probably bias, but Vietnamese people are the greatest! When I lived there, I was called beautiful every day
  • Roopunzel: Turkey – for sure
  • 25travels: Definitely Cambodia, smile for them is a universal language. Love it 

And there you have it, “Lost in Translation!”    

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Have YOU got anything to add to the “Lost in Translation” discussion? 

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