#TTOT Round-Up: Winter Travel

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Winter Travel!”

Q1 via RunawayJuno: Do you prefer winter travel to summer travel? Why or why not?

  • Alan_Curr: I love winter travel in really remote places, adds to that sense of being in the wild. Must be well prepared though
  • IsabellesTravel: As a beach lover I would opt for Summer Travel, but I can enjoy a winter break with hot chocolate too
  • bushbirdie: Winter: has more options (hot or cold destinations) & often cheaper deals. Tho saying that nothing much beats a summer holiday
  • PuzzlerT: I prefer summer travel. Travel often means waiting instead of moving. Would rather wait in the warm. On a beach. With a cocktail
  • Jeszbelle: Winter because I spend my whole life living in tropical country, I love to see snow!
  • kitwhelan: Though I love winter, summer is SO much easier for travel & packing
  • eurapart: Winter: My deodorant, sunscreen and ice cream bill goes down

Q2 via Kelsey_Morse: What are your top two winter travel destinations?

  • SophieR: Norway, of course – for heaps of fun in the snow! And Australia for warmth
  • alpharooms: Canaries for winter sun and Paris, Hamburg or Prague for Christmas markets
  • lakshmisharath: A place I would like to be ..Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh with frozen lakes in North East India
  • Walsden_Mercers: UK seaside, wide open sand, salty rain and wind blows away the cobwebs. Paris, atmosphere in the short dark days is magic

  • monchi26: Southern Africa (no time difference!) and New York I guess (Christmas shopping!)
  • foodieintl: Whistler, BC. and Passo San Pellegrino, Italy. Good skiing, great food
  • sarahwaffle: Love Disneyland for Christmas with all the lights & snow & love anything beachy
  • RickGriffin: Park City, Utah for skiing
  • traveldudes: Easy choice: The Alpes with great snow for snowboarding! And I would go for Cape Town or Havana to get vitamin D

Q3 via himalfootsteps: What’s the best thing to do on winter travel?

  • MyDestination: Without doubt snowball fights
  • hjortur: Relaxing in a hot tub in the snow with a glass of wine or beer watching the amazing Northern Lights
  • thearcticnomad: Uh, to ski and snowboard of course
  • daremetotravel: Outdoor sighteeing! Its amazing in winter
  • jasonalvinjacob: Relaxing in a hot tub with a book on the right hand and a tall cup of fresh coffee latte with whipped cream on the other
  • UltimateTravelG: Go for romantic long walks in winter, wrapped in each other’s arms. It cant get more romantic than this
  • traveladdictgrl: It’s a great excuse to turn your trip into a quest to find the most delectable comfort foods
  • MiddleSeatView: Find a farmers market/holiday market, grab a cup of hot cider & shop at some local stores/vendors 

Q4 via TurquoiseUK: Where would you most like to escape to this winter? Why?

  • nikkitahil: Diving in warm waters while the sun shines brightly
  • NicoleTravelBug: I just want to see snow!!! Give me winter snow
  • FionaHilliard: Marrakech for heat, just seems so exotic, the colors, the flavors, the noise
  • WillJackJones: Antarctica or the Arctic – if you’re going to be cold, might as well do it properly
  • vsavellisgrant: Would like to be in NYC this time of year. It’s perfect
  • BMacJ: Above-water bungalows in Bora Bora. Always been a dream of mine to go
  • KelseyIvey: Easy – South Africa – I’d surf all winter long…well or backpack around South America
  • belizepost: I’m dying to visit Brazil! Why? helloooooo, it’s Brazil 

Q5 via Nick Healy: What are your best and worst winter travel experiences? 

  • SEA_Backpacker: Worst winter travel experience was when I stayed at home
  • LateralMovement: Best: Drinking an Angkor beer and wearing summer clothes while the sun shone last winter in Cambodia
  • katyabroad: Worst: School trip to Germany – 2 nights sleeping (or not) on bus, 1 freezing day at the markets
  • TravelsceneUSA: Yellowstone in December – stunning. Bad part: a day driving 2 a closed entrance- had 2 turn back go around
  • toffeebugs: The best would be Christmas in the Philippines
  • TravelApprentce: Worst: -30C in Helsinki wearing jeans. Best: -30C in Helsinki with brand new long underwear
  • Travelingeditor: I almost died of hypothermia hitchhiking in Germany
  • mapthegap: Christmas in Barcelona was pretty cool – there was snow on the palm trees

And there you have it, “Winter Travel”! 

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Have YOU got anything to add to the “Winter Travel” discussion? 

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