#TTOT Round-Up: Bathroom Experiences Abroad

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT potty talk on “Bathroom Experiences Abroad!”

Q1 via HotelPRGuy: Coolest/most awesome bathroom you have seen?

  • theexplorateur: Best bathroom as La Tagliata Restaurant on the Amalfi Coast- looking out over the cliffs to the spectacular ocean
  • HomeExchangecom: The urinal at our hotel in Croatia was disguised as waterfall! Way better than the troughs at sports stadiums here in the US
  • traveldudes: Hong Kong (hostel) toilets rock! Clean your teeth, have a shower & poo all at the same time!
  • jeszbelle: Mozart toilet in Vienna, listening Mozart songs while you’re doing your thing
  • ehalvey: I was blown away by how clean the bathrooms in the Zurich airport were. A germaphobe’s dream
  • walkflypinoy: Any “sitting” (not squatting) toilet you encounter while on a 10-day trek in the Himalayas is awesome for me
hjortur: I think nothing will beat this toilet

Q2 via RachelChaikof: What is the most disgusting bathroom you’ve encountered abroad?

  • littlegingerkid: Worst ever toilet was in Tibet where you could see what people had had for dinner two days before heaped under the slit in the floor
  • thearcticnomad: Public toilet in a hutong in Beijing. Squat toilets, no doors, disgusting smell, stuff from urinals ended on the floor
  • PlinthPics: A French village public toilet which with just one glance, turned my diarrhea into constipation
  • LifesGreatAdv: The other ‘wrong’ toilet environment I encountered was in Iran where the floor was COVERED in pee & the local ladies went barefoot
  • taliasfootsteps: A tie between: A squatter on a farm in Ukraine and, believe it or not, a toilet at a McDonalds in Manhattan
  • VagabondQuest: Toilet in a KFC in Cairo. Flush didn’t work alright. But there are many chocolaty spreads (you know I mean) on wall and sink

Q3 via roniweiss What is the best “Loo View” you have ever had? 

FourSeasons: This breathtaking Bora Bora bathroom takes ocean views to a whole new level

traveldudes: The Loo with View, Jordan

connvoyage: View from China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge squat toilet

Q4 via Traveldudes: What was your most embarrassing travel bathroom experience?

  • ScrumptiousSal: A goat headbutting me into a latrine in Turkey
  • MalloryOnTravel: When a teenager on first trip abroad a guy at the urinals in the public toilets in Lausanne ‘spanking the monkey’
  • AngelinaFoster: Was in Malia, the toilet blocked, started rising and two of us were locked in
  • Tours_By_Locals: Being caught off guard by the “cleaning jet” of water that squirted out of the toilet in Singapore
  • travelling_mom: Leningrad, 1986. Food poisoning. Public toilet, no locks, one tissue
  • our_oyster: I clogged a no water toilet on a house boat once. Very embarrassing
  • SonjaSwissLife: Transparent toilet in Lausanne. Well, you’re SUPPOSED to push the button for the opaqueness- didn’t see it 

Q5 via RainTravels: Whats the craziest thing youve done to be able to use a good bathroom?

  • AdeleMcIntosh: Drag my kid to the front of the line: “He HAS to go”
  • Trvl8dintern: I paid of course! 3 euro to go inside a bathroom on the Champs Élysées in Paris! Worth it
  • RachelChaikof: Craziest thing I’ve done to find a GOOD toilet was walking a half mile back to the same restaurant where I ate earlier in the day
  • HW_Travel: I’ve knocked on a few random houses in my day and asked to use the toilet
  • MyDLondon: I pretended I was staying in a 5 star hotel, shoewd them my card, and it worked! Bingo! I used the toilet
  • HostelGossip: Paid for a hotel room in India – just to use a “real” toilet for the first time in weeks
  • 25travels: Not me, but I had a friend who pretended to be blind so she can use the for disabled toilet and not queue

And there you have it, “Bathroom Experiences Abroad”! 

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Have YOU got anything to add to the “Bathroom Experiences Abroad” discussion? 

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