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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT on “Museums!”

Q1 via L_e_a_h: What is the most unusual museum you’ve visited?

  • KiwiCollection: The Sedlec Ossuary or Bone Church in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic contains 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons
  • ilivetotravel: The Doge Palace in Venice had a section on chastity belts that could have scared the devil herself! 
  • SustainableTrip: There was a miniature museum in Lyon, France with miniature scenes of human life in EXCRUCIATING tiny detail. It was pretty cool
  • ehalvey: I walked by the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin
  • SmarterTravel: The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is pretty weird: A collection of anatomical oddities
  • emeraldcitytooz: The Umbrella Shop in Tasmania with a display of umbrellas used over the past 100 years
  • CaptainandClark: Korea’s largest penis park 

Q2 via BackPackerSteve: What’s the most interesting museum to visit in your own “backyard”? Why?

  • Inga_Ros: Ghost museum in Eyrarbakki in Iceland
  • analopezct: Roman Theatre Museum, Cartagena (Spain). one of the most surprising archaeological discoveries of the city 
  • TravelDesigned: In Chicago not famous but should be…. The National Museum of Mexican Art…. and it’s FREE
  • lpusastaff: Don’t forget outdoor museums: UC Berkeley Botanical Garden & nearby Tilden Botanic Garden make for a fantastic day in the Bay Area
  • emeraldcitytooz: Haven’t been yet but the Bondi Shark Museum could be interesting
  • HiddenFlorida: The World Erotic Art Museum. It’s incomparable, primal & fascinating

Q3 via waphle: What’s the coolest niche museum you’ve ever been to?

  • familytravel4um: One of our fave museums is the Tata Shoe Museum in Toronto… Egyptian reed sandals to Elton John glitter heels
  • CareerBrkSecret: The torture museum in Cartagena is cool. Creepy, but cool
  • WillingFoot: The museum of Ham in Madrid
  • littlegingerkid: Coolest niche museum is the comic book museum in Brussels
  • YHZgirl: Coolest nitch museam – Voodoo Museam in New Orleans! Small but really cool
  • jennifuchs: Parasitological Museum in Tokyo was quite cool  
  • xcomglobal: BALL OF YARN MUSEUM 

Q4 via L_e_a_h What is the most impressive exhibit or item you’ve seen in a museum?

  • analopezct: Robert Capa’s Leica, at Science Museum (London). He died with his camera in his left hand, killed by a landmine in Indochina War
  • SuuperG: I just love the statue Victory at Samothrace aka Winged Victory in the Louvre
  • JaclynLiechti: Definitely the purple-marble bathtub at the Vatican (supposedly belonged to Emperor Nero)
  • SwannySA: Slab of the Parthenon at the British Museum (should be returned to Athens)
  • hjortur: Seen Mona Lisa, dinosaurs, meteors, space crafts, Egyptology stuff, but most impressive was Terra Cotta army!
  • raelinn_wine: The Lady of Shallot by Waterhouse at the Tate Gallery in London
  • RainyDayTravelr: The Killing Fields museum in Cambodia
  • FareBuzz: Forgot about the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. They have the chair Lincoln was assassinated in and Edison’s last breath in a tube 

Q5 via TravelThirst: Most valuable things a good museum must have?

  • StayAdventurous: One night with late access. maybe till 10pm
  • evanwolf: Great museums have great signage, provenance, and explanations because we’re all newbies compared to curators
  • LAbackpackrChik: FREE is always nice
  • SwannySA: Authenticity & atmosphere. Then add sights, sounds & space. Perfect!
  • JimODonnell2: Mummies. And a coffee shop with those old time cakey donuts
  • TendToTravel: Not too many valuable things in one museum. I don’t like a sensory overload! the Louvre is great but too much for me!
  • MalloryOnTravel: A good coffee shop or bar even

And there you have it, “Museums”!  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Museum Travel discussion? 

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