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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via luxury__travel: How does travel tech help you most? Explain please.

  • vibha_malhotra: A Kindle is a cool travel tech to have for people who need to read themselves to sleep
  • DisarmDoors: E-Tickets! No more paper docs in zip-lock baggies stashed in your moneybelt
  • QunoSpotter: Does microfibre towel count as travel tech? In which case invaluable for quick drying
  • alexandraeh: My camera is right hand “man” when I travel. Pictures are my favorite souvenirs!
  • LydiaSchrandt: Looking up menu items in Chinese on my Android so I don’t accidentally order stewed cat meat
  • Boz23: Does a watch count? I try not to take anything I have to worry about having stolen

Q2 via eezeer: What’s ur favorite tech medium 4 sharing on the go: twitter facebook, travel sites & why?

  • 2girls1journey: Anyone here using Whatsapp? We love that app! Makes sending photos and videos so easy!
  • WFTristan: Flickr for Photographs , Twitter for Talk, Facebook for Fun
  • toniwonitravels: Twitter – my family aren’t on here; DEFINITELY makes for more honesty
  • 25travels: Facebook just so you can make your friends (and ex-gfs) jealous of your trips
  • Monscierge: Twitter is easiest & people respond quick!
  • kymri: Twitter for strangers, Facebook for friends, Skype for family, and blog for all

Q3 via stylish_events: What’s your worst Travel tech moment?

  • Liligo_UK: When the electronic store tells you this is the right travel adapter, only to find out after arrival it’s definitely not
  • CarsforhireUK: Realizing the phone has been accessing the internet abroad without my knowledge
  • worldswaiting: Slipping on a banana skin & dropping expensive new camera in mud – I’m not joking!
  • vibha_malhotra: When my Gorillapod for SLR wouldn’t take the weight of my SLR
  • roniweiss: This photo booth in France. Trying to get passport pix, got one big one
  • travelightly: I was traveling around Japan and my camera battery ran out. I forgot to bring the charger… I had to buy a 2nd expensive battery
  • LifeOutofaSuitc: My macbook (aka my baby) kept overheating in India while I was working…

Q4 via marksmayo: What’s the most ridiculous tech seen carried by backpackers?

  • beforeiam35: My friend carried a portable record player.As in a vinyl record player on his trip to Thailand
  • connvoyage: A guitar. While trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. And having the hired sherpa carry it for him!
  • NicoleTravelBug: Those solar panel backpacks. In London, In Winter….
  • vagablonde515: Someone I know went camping with a travel non plug in curling iron CAMPING
  • alexandraeh: I just got back from a trip w a guy who brought 2 comps, an ipad, 3 cameras & 2 phones

Q5 via traveldudes: What kind of Travel Technology would you like, which is not invented yet?

  • HostelBookers: Anti-snoring devices for hostels – so when anyone is in the same room it mutes them
  • MalloryOnTravel: I gadget that sleeps for me so I can stay awake 24/7 and yet still be totally refreshed
  • greenblayza: Affordable trips to outer space
  • vagamosblog: Self cleaning underwear
  • DoSomethingCool: A scam detector for when people are trying to charge too much or rip you off
  • KelseyIvey: A device that makes the weather break around me. I want sun
  • goomfb: Headphones (or something to that effect) that can translate different languages

And there you have it, “Travel Technology”!

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As always, a HUGE travel community thank you to our #TTOT hosts and organizers: traveldudes, roniweiss, toddwassel, traveldesigned, insidetravellab, WildJunket, tbloggersunite and mobilelawyer!

Have YOU got anything to add to the Travel Technology discussion? 

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