#TTOT Roundup: Epic Journeys

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via travel_edits: Which journey made you feel SMALL within the planet?

  • tranquilotravel: Hiking in the Rocky Mountains
  • AdventureJo: Joining the travel community on Twitter. You guys have seen so much!
  • velvetescape: Patagonia for sure!
  • TravelBlggr: Laying on the beach in Mexico and looking at the stars … there was a ba-gill-ion of them!
  • mobilelawyer: Crossing the Pacific by cargo freighter. 18 days of nonstop movement to get across. Massive ocean. Tiny people
  • Drafted_Boy: Physically the Great Wall of China – imagining that it was built by hand was mind boggling 

Q2 via mobilelawyer: Ever taken a religious pilgrimage or had a visit to a religious/spiritual site move your soul? 

  • RayJGordon: Many temples in Kyoto
  • TippettPR: Visited Assisi and Chapel of St.Francis. Peaceful, beautiful, humbling in it’s simplicity 
  • DoSomethingCool: The amazing churches in Granda, Nicaragua moved me. You can’t walk ten feet without running into a jaw dropping one there 
  • TravelProducer: The Wailing Wall in Israel, Tabgha in Galilee Region, and Sierra Blanca in New Mexico. Total Spiritual Awakenings! 
  • TheAlexLop: Haven’t been yet, but I’m sure Machu Picchu is going to make me sob like a baby
Machu Picchu, Peru

Q3 via IPrefer: What is your perfect soundtrack for an epic journey?

  • amilyd: Have to go with anything Muse. Epic ballads for an epic journey
  • smileysnj: Silence
  • TimetogoNance: I like Lost Highway by Bon Jovi…”I’m busting loose….I’m letting go…out on this open road…”
  • sinefm: Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys or Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers 
  • TendToTravel: Never bring music when travelling. Just soak in as much culture as possible. Its more engaging I think
  • connvoyage: Listened to Sigur Ros the whole time I drove the ring road in Iceland! 
Driving Iceland’s majestic Ring Road

Q4 via pamheld: What took your breath away?

  • Kim_Wildman: Watching the sunset over the Serengeti – MAGIC!
  • solotraveler: Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
  • jeremybelcher: Iguazu Falls. Absolutely spectacular. 
  • sebaboerner: A humpback whale lifting my kayak in Byron Bay, Australia
  • travelettes: I‘d say the energy of new york, the architecture of paris and the wild beauty of the amazon jungle
Times Square, New York City

Q5 via mobilelawyer: Tell us about the epic journey you have not yet done, but you will before you die.

  • cougjosh: Roadtrip around New Zealand. This must be done. and soon. 
  • alannafree: Got the rest of my life and a lot of the gobe to travel…pretty epic. Til then there’s this journey to work… 
  • glampacker: I’m going to walk the Camino de Santiago, maybe even next year… 
  • KnowThePlace: I’ll re-trace my mother’s journey from Vietnam to the US: the high seas, Malaysia, Ford Chaffee in Ark, the Midwest, NorCal, SoCal 
  • MiddleSeatView: Wadi Rum & Petra. Bucket list, hopefully to be crossed off soon (maybe b/f the end of the year!)
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

And there you have it, “Epic Journeys”!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Overnight Travel discussion? 

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